How to Add and Send GIFs on Slack


GIFs are one way to express humor or lighten up the mood when talking to coworkers. It doesn’t just help relieve stress, but also make bonds stronger. And while Slack doesn’t have a built-in GIF keyboard, there are other ways to add Slack GIFs.

How to Add and Send GIFs on Slack

There are three ways to send GIFs on Slack, and we’ll teach you how in this article. You can either find a GIF online, add a Slack GIF integration, or create your own GIF. Let’s go through each one of them.

Copy and Paste a GIFIf you’re searching for a particular GIF to share, the easiest way to find it is from an online GIF collection. You may use a website like GIPHY to easily browse through thousands of GIFs or to hunt for the right one.


If you have found your GIF, you can share it by clicking on the “copy link” option, then copying and pasting the link to Slack. Your GIF will appear in the chat, no redirect needed!

Add a Slack GIF Integration

You can find a variety of Slack GIF keyboards in the Slack app directory. You can add Slack to Gfycat, GoGif, SlashGIF, RightGIF, GIFMAGAZINE, Giphy, and Gif keyboard by Tenor. The directory also provides applications for various forms of GIFs, including DEVGIF for DevOps, Kulfy App for Indian GIFs, and Coding Love GIFs for coders.


We suggest either GIPHY or Gif Keyboard by Tenor out of all these apps. These programs have the largest range of searchable GIFs online. If you’re looking for a famous clip or a new GIF that reflects your mood perfectly, you will find it on the Gif Keyboard or Giphy.

For both applications, you can find GIFs by pressing the/gif command and then type in your search term. If you don’t like the first GIF that shows up, you can click “shuffle” on Giphy or “View More” on Gif keyboard. Either way, if you’re searching for a particular image, it could take a long time to browse through all the choices. As such, you may want to use a different site to find the right Slack GIF.

Create Your Own GIF

You can make your own GIFs to send on Slack. You can do this either by capturing a GIF with other apps, converting a video to a GIF, or by making a GIF with a set of images.


If you have created your GIF, you can add it to Slack by copying and pasting or adding it as an attachment. If you have created it in GIPHY, you can use the same approach as in the previous section to add it to Slack. If you have made a screen recording using a different app, you can copy and paste the provided short connection to share it with Slack. However, third-party apps are not previewed on the website, so the recipient will have to click the link to view the file in the new tab.

Making Workspace Chats More Fun with GIFs

GIFs have become so popular over the years that it’s become so natural to expect these forms of files everywhere chats are available. Luckily, there is an option to use one on Slack. You just have to know how to add them.

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