9 Best Call Center Software


Today’s digital world has most people prefer grabbing their phones when reaching out to customer support. This familiarity and immediacy when wanting to talk to a real human are what builds trust between a customer and a live agent.

However, it goes without saying that managing phone support is no easy task. Yes, it’s a great way to help customers, but managing a contact center is a spectacular combination of human skill and innovative software.

If you’re looking to improve phone support for your business, you’ll have to get the best call center software, and below are our top picks.




Avaya can be either cloud-based or on-site. It has unique advantages for mobile callers, including a drop in toll-free charges, which is designed to allow for customized connections with frequent customers.

A customized desktop helps agents to create a workflow that fits with them while presenting customer information in a centralized view. According to their website, nine of the top ten healthcare organizations in the world depend on Avaya technologies – while it has one drawback, it’s more suited to big multinational corporations than to SMBs.

Best Features:

  • Omnichannel support
  • Mobile-specific experience
  • Personalizable desktop for agents



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RingCentral is a cloud-based solution with full omnichannel support and CRM integration. It focuses on skill-based call routing, powerful supervisory tools, and agent management applications. Since it is built for the cloud, it prevents some of the problems that other tech has faced in attempting to upgrade existing applications.

A wide app gallery ensures that it can be combined with any of the apps you’re already using and provides a more personalized interface if desired. This involves incorporating market-leading cloud call center, employee transformation, and unified communications (UC) technologies into a single suite to ease contact center management.

Best features:

  • Prebuilt integrations to market-leading CRM including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow
  • Deeply integrated market-leading workforce optimization, including Workforce Management, Quality Management, Performance Management, and analytics
  • Blending AI and self-service



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Hubspot is often considered to be a CRM solution. However, it has a lot of features that make it great to have all-in-one software in your call center. It is especially well designed for sales teams, with click-to-call features and the ability to use CRM data to prioritize calls and set up a regular call list. It also provides for email scheduling and live chat.

Its ServiceHub has a universal inbox conversation, as well as an automation and monitoring support desk – which ensures that you can convert requests into tickets and organize them properly. Although less traditional than many others on this list, the fact that they have free tools makes them worth checking out.

Best Features:

  • Omnichannel support via Conversations inbox
  • Click-to-call
  • Automatic call logging



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Atos Unify provides two main solutions – an on-site or hosted cloud solution, and an on-demand cloud center. The on-demand option is particularly useful for businesses with significant peaks and troughs in demand, allowing them to avoid running an idle system.

There are two variants of their on-site approach. Agile is designed for a single site of up to 100 concurrent agents. Enterprise can be single or multi-site, serving up to 1500 concurrent agents per system, with 7500 agents per cluster. Enterprise has considerably more features, including customizable interactive voice response, chatbot integrations, and a selection of voice platforms. The lack of a preference between sizes is a downer, but at the large end, it’s a comprehensive kit.

Their cloud-based on-demand contact center is cloud-native. New features and products are increasingly being introduced, including My Agent eXperience (MAX), RESTful APIs, and Partner AI Chatbots.

Best Features:

  • Offers on-demand solutions
  • UCaaS Integrations
  • Small and large versions of hosted solutions



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TalkDesk is one of the best call center software options open to enterprise-level organizations since it has the potential to handle vast volumes of agents and calls. It has an easy-to-use GUI, which ensures that agents can navigate quickly and even facilitate Salesforce routing.

With AI voice analytics, granular reporting, and real-time context capture, it is also easy to obtain insights and boost efficiency and customer satisfaction. Not only is it optimized for incoming calls, with a robust outbound predictive dialer and the ability to set up call prospect lists in a number of ways.

Talk Desk’s ‘Clicks Not Code’ mentality ensures that it is beneficial for customer service departments who do not have a lot of technological know-how but wish to make use of AI advantages and specialized customer flow journeys.

Best Features:

  • Automated workflows
  • Voice analytics
  • Agent-focused desktop



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Previously named ‘CrazyCall,’ Channels helps you to handle customer service with an app. This can be used on your laptop, which provides a click-to-call browser extension that helps you to streamline your approach to outbound campaigns.

The mobile app helps the sales staff to work on the go – and in-bound calls are secure, which ensures even if you’re waiting for a callback, the cost is minimal. It offers inbound solutions, such as IVR, call logging, and monitoring. However, it is certainly built as a sales-calling tool and is better suited to outbound-focused teams rather than inbound support or internal conferencing.

Best Features:

  • Quick start for new agents
  • Integrates with eCommerce platforms
  • Mobile app



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Another cloud-based solution, Vonage provides complete integration with Salesforce and other CRM applications. They are also incorporated into the applications gallery. It has omnichannel support, including chatbot support.

Its main features include an admin portal where managers can check videos, set dialing limits, and configure dashboards. It also involves the management of performance and gamification strategies. Other main functions include call scanning, automated call routing, and predictive dialing. Vonage now has a mobile app that helps managers to monitor workflows from anywhere – including smartphones and tablets.

Although it integrates with many other technologies, the reliance on Salesforce can be a drawback for firms that do not need it, because it is certainly more aimed at SMBs than large companies.

Best Features:

  • Agent-centred UX
  • Designed for Salesforce
  • Gamification options

Zendesk Talk


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Instead of being a cloud solution that integrates with CRM, Zendesk talk comes from a different angle – it originated as a CRM that now has a call center solution. Zendesk Talk provides all the usual functionality you’d expect, such as interactive voice replies, real-time tracking, and call routing. The ability to gather information in advance of customer encounters makes it especially useful for frequent caller teams.

One of the key benefits of Zendesk Talk is that you can either start from scratch or incorporate what you are already using into it. It’s cloud-based, which means you can get it up and running easily and have an interface gallery that can help you create a personalized experience.

Best Features:

  • CRM with dedicated call solutions
  • Omnichannel support
  • CTI toolkit allows for customization



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Five9 is easily one of today’s best contact center software on the market. Irrespective of your market size and industry, the platform is extremely scalable and robust enough to satisfy your needs, whether you’re a fast-growing startup or a big company with complicated needs.

It’s perfect for inbound customer service as well as for outbound sales teams. And the software integrates hundreds of out-of-box CRM solutions, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Zoho, and more.

Best Features:

  • Omnichannel interactions
  • Automated omnichannel routing
  • Predictive and preview dialing
  • Progressive and power dialing
  • Call recording
  • Skills-based routing
  • Agent scripting
  • Post-call surveys

The Best Call Center Software

There are a lot of options out there, all with varying combinations of features available. Many of the best call center technologies are cloud-based, which is becoming more important as remote management teams become more prevalent.

Although it can be enticing to go for the one with the most features, it can get expensive quickly. So, make sure that the solution you consider is the one that suits your needs. There is no point in spending more for a lot of inbound-focused functionality when the calls are mainly outbound, and when you have a CRM solution in place, you need to make sure it integrates.

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