10 Best Domain Name Generators

Best Domain Name Generators

Starting an online business but have no idea what domain name to use? Or you already have an idea what domain to use but the domain name is already taken? We know this can be really frustrating when starting a new online business…

So we have come out with some of the best domain name generators to help you generate new ideas fast.

A domain name is the name of your website. It is like a web address or internet address where users can access your website and use it. Apart from this, a domain name also identifies computers that are connected across the internet. So, you ask how to get an expressive and unforgettable name for your website.

1. LeanDomainSearch


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LeanDomainSearch is yet another jewel from Automattic, the creators of WordPress, so these guys know what they are doing when it comes to web names and domains. Using this generator is super easy, and the results are very effective. So, you need not be a geek to use this tool.

You need to type in a pivotal word or keyword that suggests what will the website be about, and the generator will spew out a series of domain name recommendations for your website.

The only hitch is that all names are available in the .com domain.

LeanDomainSearch allows you to:
• Search based on text, size, and approvals
• Direct registration using the generator
• Store and search results

2. NameStall


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NameStall is fundamentally a domain name generator for business websites. It allows the flexibility of determining if your required keyword should lie at the beginning or end of the domain.

It also offers several top-level domains and enables name generation from different words and numeric categories. The conveniently placed filter option allows you to select extensions for categorizing your search and delivering results that are claimed but nor registered, allowing you the option of registering it if chosen. It also allows:

• Speech fragments search
• Trending keyword search
• English elementary word search

3. Nameboy


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Nameboy allows domain name searches based on either one or two keywords. Their search results visualization makes it easy to distinguish reserved and unreserved domain names.

Domain names up for reselling are also enlisted, and the hyphenated recommendations allow for variations of the unavailable domain names, thus making them accessible to you.

Users having a fair idea of what they can enter a basic keyword as well as a supporting word, and the engine will come up with several hyphenated versions of the domain name of your choice as well as similar recommendations.

4. BustAName


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BustAName is an extremely helpful tool for novices as well as web experts. It provides options for directly looking for a domain name, and you can assess the availability of your chosen domain name.

However, for those in doubt, it facilitates domain name formulation by choosing the domain name maker to enter the most pertinent keywords and get customized results to choose from.

Names can be appended with start and end options to specify how you want the name to begin and how to end it as well as how long it needs to be. It provides the most organic results that match your website’s purpose.

Search results can be filtered for ease to display reserved domain names; names can also be refined based on extensions like .biz, .org, .com, or country-based extensions.

5. Shopify


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The business domain name generator by Shopify is close on heels to the LeanDomainName generator tool. You need to enter the appropriate keyword describing your objective, and the tool will match and generate several fitting and creative domain names.

The unreserved names belong to the .com domain, and you can seize them then and thereby using the spot registration option. The site will also suggest you build a Shopify shop on the chosen domain.

6. NameMesh


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For using multiple keywords, NameMesh is the best choice for generating creative and unique domain names. It offers specificity with the flexibility to produce hundreds of appealing domain names.

Search results can be refined using several options including, size, available and unavailable domains, as well as domain name extensions. NameMesh also segregates the names into several useful categories to help you decide on the most relevant and useful option for your needs.

This includes categorizing names based on conventional names, contemporary names, SEO-friendly names, concise names, and comparable names.

7. Panabee


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Panabee is a multi-functional tool, with features including domain name generation, domain search, and an enterprise name generator. Its multi-fangled search asks for a couple of keywords, and spills hundreds of domain names based on the structure, organization, phonetics, and form of the keywords.

While displaying the results, you can also determine if any reserved domain name is being used to login to any social media. To obtain an available name, Panabee urges you to check it on GoDaddy and find out additional extensions for the chosen domain.

8. DomainsBot


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DomainsBot allows for appending substitutes to the original keyword in the search box to provide highly personalized, relevant, and unique domain name suggestions. It also provides for adding start and end words to the core keyword as well as personalize the top-level domains.

DomainsBot scans thousands of licensed domains to assess the click frequencies and to suggest what users will most probably be keen on. The search results start from the most mandated recommendations to the more crazy and imaginative ones.

Search results can be filtered using linguistics, structure, substitute words, and extensions. The available domain names can be registered using multiple domain administrators.

9. DomainPuzzler


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A very straightforward and effective domain name generator is DomainPuzzler, which is a multi-faceted domain name generation tool. Starting from the easy mode, where it checks just for the name availability, it can graduate to include complex and combined searches that enlists names resembling the keyword as well as several of its variants.

The tool also allows for adding the results of the search to your list of favorites. Another feature offered by DomainPuzzler is the comparison of domain names based on the rankings of their web pages.

10. Impossibility


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Impossibility! urges users to be more creative. It asks for a relevant keyword and advises you to append it with all possible and related nouns, verbs, and any describing words as suffix or prefix.

There is a choice to choose from four, five, or six-letter words, or you can combine whatever you wish with your keyword. The results are truly imaginative, pertinent, as well as practical. You can go with any of the available domain names from the list by registering them on GoDaddy.

Now that you have sufficient ammunition to decide the best and most relevant domain name generator for your website, go ahead and register your domain name and welcome to the web.

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