6 Best File Manager For iPhone


You’re likely collecting hundreds of files on your iPhone, and it can get pretty tricky to manage over time. But there are a few applications that will come to the rescue and keep things organized. They feature a number of functions, such as managing various formats, creating dedicated files, and copying and moving objects from one place to another. This makes life easy and helps you to easily find something anytime you need it. Keep up with your file with the best iPhone file managers.

Documents by Readdle


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Documents is a file manager app for iOS devices that lets you handle almost everything on your iPhone. The software comes with some helpful features that make it easy to manage files on your iOS phone. With Records, you’ll be able to access your whole Apple Music Library, along with your images, iCloud files, and more. The app also supports.ZIP files, so you can quickly extract ZIP files from your iPhone.

Documents will also allow you to listen to audio files, view images, and read PDF files directly within the app itself. The software also provides a range of features, such as the option to sync with cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. It will also allow you to build FTP servers on your iPhone that you can link to using any FTP client of your choosing. Plus, the software comes with a web browser built right in, meaning you can import files straight to the app, or just browse the web, without leaving the app, if you like. It’s one of the best iPhone file managers you can use in 2020.

File Manager

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File Manager is free, ad-supported software that will suit your iPhone file manager needs very well. The app comes with a smooth interface that helps you to easily create files and folders. You can also connect a range of cloud providers to the app, so you can conveniently access all your cloud accounts from one location to another. The app supports utilities such as Dropbox, WebDAV, Google Drive, One Drive, and several more.

File Manager also has its own web browser, which you can use to import files directly to the program, or simply to browse the web. It also supports passcode locking, meaning you can quickly secure your files and don’t have to worry about unauthorized access. Talking about security, the app also supports Touch ID for devices that have Touch ID capabilities. You can share files from your iPhone to the cloud via WiFi Sync or iTunes. If you get annoyed with the advertising in the game, you can always get rid of them via in-app purchases.

File Hub


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File Hub is a perfect iPhone and iPad file manager. The software provides a wide variety of functions, such as the option to create directories to arrange files, create blank files, or even create a new file from the clipboard. You can also import files directly from iCloud Drive. The sorting options in the app really make it stand out, and you can filter files by name, type, etc. The app will also allow you to share files from your iPhone to your Mac or PC through WiFi transfer or Bluetooth transfer.

On the Settings tab, you can allow safe WiFi transfer to shield your phone from unauthorized access. You can also allow file extensions, if you like, and change the picture slideshow settings. The app also supports a security lock to prohibit entry without a password. Unfortunately, the software doesn’t support Touch ID, something I hope the developer will soon implement. All and all the app is certainly a good way to handle your iPhone or iPad files.



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FileApp is another really successful iPhone or iPad file management app. The software comes with a nice interface, which automatically organizes files by type, location, and also shows the latest files you’ve viewed on the app. You can also make new images, audio recordings, or text files straight from the app. Not only that, but FileApp will also allow you to view images, play back media files, and read PDFs directly within the app.

You may also use FileApp to move files from your iPhone to your PC or Mac. The software provides a range of ways to do so, including HTTP, FTP, and FileApp Desktop. Sharing is disabled by default, but you can turn it on and even set a custom username and password to keep your files safe from unauthorized entry. If you like, you can allow passcode security from the app settings that require a passcode to unlock access to the file and by default, all of your files.

Browser and Documents Manager


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Claiming to be the ultimate file manager for iPhone and iPad, Browser and Documents Manager claims to be a highly powerful file management application. Perhaps the best feature of this file manager is a built-in smart web browser that helps you to search the web privately and import files quickly. And with a fully-featured download manager on board, you can handle all your downloaded files right from a single location.

Apps such as auto-correct file name, pause/resume download, and context mode make the built-in download manager very helpful. Much like the Apple Files app, it lets you arrange files in separate folders and also provides a quick way to uninstall zip files. What’s more, it supports over 100 file formats, including doc, xls, pdf, ppt, txt, HTML, RTF, and more, meaning you won’t run into incompatibility problems when managing your data.



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MyMedia is simply an iPhone and iPad download manager that lets you upload files to your computer. However, it also has a built-in file manager that functions much like any other applications we’ve listed in the list. You can do things like copying, transferring, making new files, and more.

In addition, MyMedia features a built-in photo viewer, video and audio player, and so on, making it a perfect multimedia boss. Heck, you can also use the built-in MediaCast to stream videos and photos to your Chromecast. There’s also a full-fledged web browser built into the software that helps you to access the internet. You will use it to access cloud storage like Dropbox.

It’s worth noting, though, that you’re going to have to put up with advertisements when using MyMedia. It’s not a deal killer, because you can get rid of it by paying out a few bucks for the Pro version.

Wrap Up

These file managers make it extremely simple to manage, search, conceal, and even protect the data and Touch ID files. Although the features vary from one app to another, each of these apps fulfills the same set of features required by the file manager. Do you have a file manager on your iPhone? If so, which one is your favorite?

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