9 Best Instagram Font Generators


Instagram font generators do you the favor of customizing the text in your Insta bio, comments, and captions. There are a variety of font generators for IG on the web that can easily produce custom styles of text, giving you the leverage to stand out.

These services are pretty much the same, to be honest. What makes each different is usability, reliability, cost, and sometimes, the number of ads. So below, we’ve selected 10 of our favorite Instagram font generators.

1. FontCap


FontCap is the most basic and easy-to-use Instagram font generator for Android. The app has grown its library of fonts to 150, and there are new additions from time to time. There are sufficient combinations of fonts that you can try on your Instagram posts.

FontCap is a very easy-to-use software, just copy the normal text and select the fancy text from the list. This app also helps you to share the created fonts with others.

Available on Android

2. Fontsy


Fontsy is the most useful and better Instagram font generator than any other app on this list. The app is available on iPhone and iPad. Fontsy has a vast collection of nice-looking fonts for Instagram posts.

With a huge font collection, Fontsy will make your Instagram post and your profile stand out from the others. These fonts also work for other social networking applications such as Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger.

A small collection of fonts is included in the free version of this program. So, to access the entire version and unlock all of the fonts, you’re going to have to spend $9.99 a week.

Available on iOS

3. Instagram Fonts


Instagram Fonts is the most popular font generator on the Internet. Instagram Fonts has hundreds of different fonts to choose from for your Instagram post.

All you have to do is enter the usual text and press the button. Now, try the various fonts and select the most appealing font. Instagram Fonts also provides variations of text and emoji fonts.

The Instagram Fonts website user interface is simple and ad-free. You can search at various fonts and, once you’re finished, copy and paste the font to Instagram. The fonts on this website work fine and glitch-free, unlike other Instagram font generators.

Visit website

4. Instagram Fonts Generator


Instagram Font Generator is another fantastic website to create fonts for Instagram. This website has the fanciest fonts and you need to try it out.

The Instagram Font Generator creates fonts smoothly without any problems. Just insert the text in the box and this website will show you the same text in different fonts that you can use to make your Instagram posts more eye-friendly. You may also use emojis to improve the fonts to make them more enticing.

Visit website

5. Fonts for Instagram


This is another simple website to generate Instagram fonts. If you want a website that offers fun fonts without any problems, you should try Instagram fonts.

The Fonts in this app works well on the Instagram app, but sometimes there are Unicode problems. Apart from that, there are no problems with this platform. Just copy and paste the font to Instagram and it’s going to work perfectly.

This website is compliant with all of the platforms. You can use Instagram fonts to create fonts on your iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and even your mac. This website is one of the true font generators for Instagram.

6. Fontify


Fontify is one of the best Instagram font generators for both Android and iOS. The software has a fantastic visual style, and the applications work smoothly by using and changing fonts for Instagram messages.

There is also a dedicated copy button at the bottom of each font. You can use this button to copy the font you have chosen. This choice can be of great benefit if you want to copy different fonts to the same text.

Available on Android and iOS

7. Sprezz Keyboard


Another fantastic application is the Sprezz Keyboard, which is one of the best font generators for iPhone and iPad. This iOS keyboard can also function as an Instagram font generator.

With Sprezz, you can replace your iOS keyboard with an innovative keyboard that can create cool fonts for your Instagram Posts. You don’t have to copy and paste text anymore, unlike the other apps.

If you’re an Android user that wants to use Sprezz, there’s a web version that can do the job. The interface isn’t great, but it works.

Available for iOS and Web

8. Fonts – for Instagram


This app is available for iPhone and iPad, but not for Android.

This software functions much like the previous app, so you can use several fonts for the same text. It’s got a cool way to select the font from the text window.

The biggest drawback to this software is that you’ve got to pay for unlocking some of the cooler fonts. This also extends to other elements, such as emojis. We’re not going to recommend using Fonts – for Instagram as we can use other apps that can provide the same fonts for free.

Available on iOS

9. Cool Fonts for Instagram


Cool Fonts for Instagram has a nice font directory that makes it our favorite Instagram font generator. This app has a tidy, clutter-free UI and transforms the standard fonts to a range of fancy font types.

All you need to do is type the text in the app, showing you versions of the same text in different fonts. You can pick the font that you like the best, and then copy and paste the font into your Instagram stories and bio.

Cool Fonts for Instagram is a perfect way to create fonts on your iPhone and iPad. It’s a must-use for iOS users.

Available on iOS

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