10 Best Music Apps Kids Will Love


Music — it’s a form of art that’s both fun and sustaining for all ages. It’s not only stimulative but also encourages creativity in everyone. And we’re lucky these days that a plethora of music apps for kids exist.

Music is one of the best ways to keep the kids happy. Let your child play music and listen to music as part of their everyday routine. By making it a habit, you can make sure that music remains a daily part of the child’s life. A satisfying experience that will help your child develop his or her ability to listen and concentrate, foster positive self-esteem, self-expression, and problem-solving skills, and most of all, help your child grow as a person. This music applications are great for children of many ages and help them enjoy creative music-making.

Spotify For Kids (Android & iOS)


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Popular music app Spotify created this new stand-alone music listening app for kids. It caters to the particular interests of young kids filled with over 8,000 albums, songs, and stories. Your children will enjoy child-friendly entertainment that both educates and entertains them, while parents have peace of mind.

The app is connected to a Spotify Premium Family subscription, although this is designed to ensure that they enjoy content from a protected environment.

It is ad-free, consistent with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection (COPPA) rules, audio-handpicked and human-curated as appropriate for children.

Mussila Music School (Android & iOS)


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This app is designed for children 5 years of age or older. It offers more than 20 music courses and more than 1000 musical challenges, making it a fun way for kids to learn music through sports, fun lessons, and classical music lessons.

Interactive lessons inspire children to get through each course, show them, among other things, how to play the flute, and learn about music masters such as Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart. Educational cards filled with information about music and music games include teaching children fun items, and a DJ feature to make their own music.

Mazaam The Musical Genius (Android & iOS)


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Based on new scientific research in positive psychology and neuroscience, Mazaam provides an intuitive approach to help your child discern and recognize musical components while also having fun.

From feeding happy eagles and cleaning the teeth of a chameleon to putting squirrels to bed, the app lets your child visit playful worlds while exploring classical music masterpieces.

The duo mode feature helps you to enter the fun with your child and review the accomplishments of your child through a report provided at the end of each lesson.

Sesame Street Makes Music (iOS)


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Sesame Street is a classic childhood favorite, and this latest app features furry stars like Cookie Monster, Elmo, Abby, Ernie, and many more. Kids will love their favorite characters singing and dancing to popular songs like “Mary had a little lamb” or “Wheels on the bus” in various genres like samba, rock, and more.

There are 10 user-controlled instruments to play with and your kids can play along with the characters while learning various rhythms on their own by experimenting with the tempo. They can also hear about musical timing when they play interactive instruments to popular nursery rhymes with their favorite Sesame Street characters.

Loopimal (iOS)


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Loopimal gives children countless ways to learn how to compose music. There’s no target, no wrong or right method, so your kids can make as much music as they want to use the sounds and animations in the building kit. These handcrafted instruments give children an enjoyable way to get into the field of computer sequencing, music composition, and movement.

Pre-schoolers will have fun with the app by dragging and dropping shapes to a timeline and letting the animals sound and dance.

Baby Mozart (iOS)


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This music app for children is intended for babies, infants, and toddlers. It’s perfect when your kid is bored, sick, or wakes up crying in the middle of the night. The all-in-one app has features that help attract children to sleep and help them grow their minds while listening to music.

There is a white noise feature, promised to relax your child to sleep, as well as classical music that strengthens your child’s brain from a very young age. Lullabies, funny noises, children’s music, and flashcards also help your child understand their ABC’s, and they will grow up with it as they get older.

YouTube Kids (Android & iOS)


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Like Spotify, YouTube also has a music app exclusively for children. YouTube Kids provides a family-friendly atmosphere that helps children to access content from around the world. From songs to instructional programming and animation, children have a journey to explore new and thrilling subjects of interest.

Music Sparkles (iOS)


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Music Sparkles stimulates imagination and enjoyment of music with its immersive instruments and multi-touch games. The free edition of Music Sparkles has users playing 4 xylophone octaves and pounding on the drums with the help of 5 other instruments. Using one, two, or five fingers to play chords and have a blast that adds a rhythm line as the banjo plays a basic melody for you. Be vigilant of in-app purchases while locked screens are tapped.

Kids can learn a range of musical principles, including instrument recognition and construction, as well as playing with a variety of instrument styles (strings, keyboards, woodwind, and percussion). Kids can also learn listening skills, such as playing key and rhythm, and music theory, such as scales, intervals, and syllables (Do-Re-Mi). The instruments are polyphonic, meaning children can play more than one note at a time and in various octaves, and the keyboards are in 12-note chromatic scales.

Kidloland Nursery Rhymes (Android)


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Kidloland is made with toddlers in mind. It’s filled with immersive nursery rhymes and lots of other surprises like a balloon bursting, and thousands more that come alive with a tap on your phone.

The Phonics segment is used to encourage your children to take their first steps to learn to read. It’s no surprise that Kidloland is widely recommended by moms, fathers, and teachers as a full app for preschool and kindergarten instruction.

Keep Them Engaged With the Best Music Apps for Kids

Kids absolutely love music. Not only does it make them dance away their bad moods, or soothe them to sleep at night, but it also lets them communicate with their inner dancing queen and pop star. If you don’t know how to keep your kids occupied and happy, try some of these cool music games for kids.

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