10 Best Smartwatches


Gone are the days when watches are used for tracking the time and as a fashion accessory. The digital age has pushed manufacturers to pack more features to a watch and turn it to a smartwatch. A smartwatch can be used for sending messages, monitoring your heartbeat and tracking your health, some use it to answer calls with a Bluetooth headset or airpod. There are a lot of smartwatches out there that’s why we made a list for you.

Here’s our list of 10 best smartwatches…

1. Apple Watch Series 5


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“You’ve never seen a watch like this”, the line Apple proudly put on display. This watch features an Always-On Retina displays which shows you the time and your watch face. Perfect if you want to keep a health check on your body as this watch will notify you when your heart rate appears to be high or low.

This watch also features a loudness measurement feature which will also notify you when the area you are currently in has a high decibel measurement. Not to mention this watch has a cycle-tracking app that easily lets you log information about your menstrual cycle.

Finally, Apple added a simple yet defining feature for this watch which is its customization feature. You can choose what case and what band you want this watch to have and you can choose all the cases and bands at Apple Watch Studio.

All in all this watch is great for fitness, great for people who listen to songs, great if you need directions, easily accessible apps, and most importantly, you can use this without your phone.


  • Size: 44 cm / 40 cm
  • Display: 977 sq mm / 759 sq mm
  • Processor: 64-bit dual-core S5 processor
  • 32GB Storage
  • LTPO OLED Always-On Retina display with Force Touch – 1000 nits brightness.
  • 5.0 Bluetooth
  • WiFi: 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2


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The all-new Galaxy Watch Active2 now comes with a bigger customizable screen and fresh new look. It gives you precise health insights when you need it while keeping you fully connected. Whether you are out for a run or pushing through your next deadline the Galaxy Watch Active2 will keep you at your optimal performance inside and out. With a feature that lets you capture the color of anything you wear and matches the color of the watch, a variety of cases and bands to choose from, great for fitness and health support. This watch can capture the color of any clothing you wear and then match its color with what you wear. A variety of cases and bands will always be a great thing if you want to stand out and be unique, your watch can be unique as well. Great for fitness and monitoring your health as it offers health support from the inside, not to mention monitors your heart rate and exercise progress as well. With great battery life, great flexibility in the apps it comes with, you can’t go wrong with picking this smartwatch over its competitors.


  • Size: 44 cm / 40 cm
  • Stainless Steel LTE – Bluetooth /Aluminum Bluetooth
  • Circular Super AMOLED (360 x 360), Full Color Always On Display, Corning® Gorilla® Glass DX+
  • 768MB – 1.5MB RAM
  • 4GB Storage

3. Fossil Gen 5


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Google’s take on the smartwatch lineup, Fossile Gen 5 is what of “the” best if not the best, depending on your taste. If you’ve been using Android for quite a while now then chances are you are gonna get used to this lickety-split. You’ve probably used “Okay Google” too much that you instinctively talked to other phones like this. This smartwatch supports that, answer calls right on your wrist and you will hear a response from the Google Assistant and listen to crisp sounds with Gen 5’s new speakers. Battery life is important as well when it comes to smartwatches that provide many features, Gen 5 provides that and offers a variety of battery modes for you to choose from, that way you can prolong the battery life even more. Storage is essentially one of the most required features when it comes to smartwatches, you need to have a hefty size if you want to keep storing what you can on your smartwatch. Gen 5 offers one of the biggest storage for a smartwatch out there. Much like the other smartwatches, Gen 5 also supports monitoring on your heart rate but does this by doing it in a battery-efficient way. What better way to make this smartwatch even better than by making it water-proof,  you can go take a swim, no problem. The best about Fossil Gen 5 is applications that are supported on Android can be used on this smartwatch as well. Customizable case and bands, dials, untethered GPS, google pay and so much more.


  • 1.28in AMOLED (328ppi)
  • Size: 44 cm
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB Storage

4. Kate Spade Scallop 2


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If you ever fancy something that’s more feminine, then this watch might be for you. Kate spade Scallops 2 is “the”women’s smartwatch, not is it made for women, all the custom accessories that comes with it will fit what most women want. This watch comes in three versions, which are the Beige color, Rose-gold color, and the Black colored one. The design is beautiful, a beautifully carved scalloped design on the bezel, and a finely designed spade on the rotating digital crown button. We know how frustrating it is when everything is good but it’s mediocre when it comes to battery life, well not this watch. Battery life is great, 300mAh is a huge capacity if you talk about smartwatches, even if you use extensively, this smartwatch would still last around 2 days which is pretty long for battery life. Waterproof, what more could you ask, with the advancements of technology nowadays, you cant expect a smartwatch without a waterproof feature. Not to mention that its rated 3ATM which makes it water-resistant up to 30 meters. Activity, Fitness Tracking, I mean it’s not a smartwatch if it doesn’t have this feature. If you ever wanna jog or just exercise for that matter, this watch will monitor your progress and heart rate, and tell you what is the healthy length for exercising. If you ever want to have a long-distance run and you are new to the place you are trying to have an exercise, then this smartwatch contains a built-in GPS which will tell you where you currently are and measure the distance to where you are going.


  • 1.19 inch AMOLED
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100
  • 512 RAM
  • 4GB Storage

5. Mobvoi Ticwatch E2


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The budget smartwatch as people call it. There’s a lot of smartwatches out there, with great specs things to offer but some individuals often complain about the watch being heavy as it is, watches if you think about it needs to be lightweight and not a burden to the hand. This smartwatch is just that and with its silicon straps, you can wear it all day long without feeling any weight around your hand at all. With its lightweight frame, you can jog all you want and what better way to jog than having a GPS to guide you wherever you want to go. Go along your exercise by following the self-prompt sports tracking provided by Ticwatch’s AI algorithm. If you are not a runner yourself and prefer swimming more, then you can take this watch and plunge right in, rated 5TM which makes it water-resistant up to 50 meters, you won’t even think you are wearing a smartwatch, just dive and dive. If you have heart implications or you just want to monitor your heart rate, then this watch can offer a 24-hour heart-rate monitoring feature for you. With all those features, it would be a bummer not to have a long battery life, which is why this smartwatch comes with a 415mAh battery, which can last up to 2 to 3 days, this watch pretty much has everything.


  • 1.39 inch AMOLED
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100
  • 512MB RAM
  • 4GB Storage

6. Garmin Forerunner 945


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The simple and easy to use a running smartwatch. The Forerunner 945 comes with a heart rate monitor which also features a notification prompt that will notify you when it notices that your heart rate is at a dangerously high or low margin. A rate of 5TM which makes it waterproof around 50 meters you can also swim and dive even just to improve your exercise progress. If you have this watch and pretty much made running as a profession or a norm, then you need to have a GPS that this watch is offering. If you are new to running and want to tackle the task in a simple and safe way then Garmins’ Training Coach plans will ease the process. You can select your race goal and choose from 3 expert coaches to guide you on your workout. With Smart Notifications, it pretty much notifies you with everything including, what you missed on your work out and what you can improve. This watch is also connected to their IQ App which offers a variety of other applications for you to use on this smartwatch. With a variety of other variants as well, you can’t go wrong with you pick this watch.


  • 1.2 inch Transflective memory-in-display
  • Proprietary OS (Unkown chipset)

7. Coros Apex


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The swimmers watch, as they say, the Coros Apex has Ultra-Durable battery life, the battery is engineered to last up to 100 hours on UltraMax Settings with GPS on. Normal mode can yield up 35 hours of battery life and regular usage for up to 30 days. The build quality for this smartwatch is top-notch, with its titanium finish and stainless steel bezel alongside a sapphire glass face for extreme protection, you won’t have to worry about you being aggressive on your workout, this watch will accompany you all the way. With smartwatches, some have over the top user interface which you as a user will have a hard time adjusting to, but with the Coros Apex, you don’t have to do all that, much like phones nowadays with swipe per app, you can do this as well but with a button instead of swiping the screen itself, it’s that easy. With people nowadays not knowing the full knowledge and starter guides for exercises, you can get injured if you just went with what you see on guides or youtube. Coros Apex provides a guide for you and adjusts its guide on whether you are a beginner or a veteran at working out. GPS, I mean that’s simple enough to understand, a guide that tells you where to go but with most GPS nowadays, you cant easily understand what is on the screen. With the Coros Apex navigation track, it pretty much simplified the user interface and provide you the ease you want when it comes to understanding where you want to go. Lastly, it’s pretty much frustrating not seeing the results of your workout especially if you are just starting the rigorous regime. You don’t have to worry about a thing since Coros Apex also has a phone app that tells you the advance analytics of your workout, down to the very last detail.


  • Size: 46 – 42mm
  • 1.1 – 1.2inch memory LCD

8. Withings Steel HR Sport


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The watch looks like a watch but with smartwatch features. It’s pretty much a hybrid watch, it offers a heart-rate monitoring, to provide you the information on how fast the heart beats. A GPS, to accompany you with your long runs. A fitness level assessment on your workout and tells you what you want to improve. A smart notification feature that fills you in on the progress of your workout but also notifies you with information like battery life and time passed since the start of the exercise. The battery can last up to 25 days with normal use but with extensive use, it can still last up to 100 hours.


  • Size: 1.6mm
  • OLED screen


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