Discord Mac Update Failed

Gamers may connect with one another using the cross-platform VoIP and chat program Discord to play games together. However, sometimes Discord fails to update properly on Mac, resulting in an update loop. If you’re facing this problem, here’s how you can fix it.

You may have tried several times to update your discord, but it appears to have failed. It’s normal to get similar issues when upgrading your Discord, so don’t worry.

Sometimes Discord gets caught in an update loop, preventing you from successfully updating Discord. Furthermore, this flaw is well-known in Discord and shouldn’t cause you any concern.

In order to address the issue of Discord not updating or being stuck in a loop when upgrading, I’m offering some solutions in this post. So let’s get going.

My Discord Update: Why Did It Fail?

This issue may have a variety of reasons, such as:

  • The fact that some Discord updates require administrator-level access to complete is one of the primary causes; otherwise, Discord gets trapped in an update loop.
  • A network issue or a sluggish internet connection might occasionally result in the incomplete download of different necessary files for upgrades. As a result, Discord keeps looking for updates and becomes trapped in a loop. While upgrading, these missing files kept it in an infinite cycle.

Discord Update Failed Error Types

  • Users may get many kinds of discord update failed problems.
  • Update to Discord failed – Update to Discord begins, but fails midway through.
  • Discord update restarts itself repeatedly after failing in a loop.
  • Discord not updating – Before it even begins to update, Discord updates fail.
  • Discord updates take a very long time to update.

Even if there are several discord update issues, each update’s remedy is the same, and they all occurred for the same reasons, which are listed in the article.

How to Fix Mac/iMac Discord Update Failure

Reinstalling Discord on your Mac device is the easiest way to fix the issue if you are using a Mac device and experiencing the “discord update failed” problem.

1. First, end all active Discord instances by hitting ⌘+Q.

2. Go to Activity Monitor now and end any Discord-related processes. so that it is simple to delete any information connected to the conflict

3. Next, in order to fully uninstall Discord from Mac, you must delete the two files listed below, along with all the information they contain.

  • ~/Library/Application Support/Discord
  • /Library/Application Support/Discord

By hitting ⇧⌘+G+G in Finder, you may simply locate the specified folders and move them to the trash if you are unable to do so.

  • Launch Finder, enter ~ /Library/Application Support/Discord, and then hit the Go button.
  • Remove the Mac’s Discord Application Support Folder.

Now repeat the procedure for the folder located in /Library/Application Support/Discord.

  • Remove the Mac’s Discord Application Support Folder.

It’s completely alright if you couldn’t locate one of the two directories mentioned above; simply proceed to the next step.

4. Once all the appropriate files have been deleted, it’s time to entirely remove the Discord application. For instructions on removing Discord for Mac/iMac, see the list below.

  • Click on Applications.
  • Drag Discord to the Trash by finding it.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Reinstall Discord for MacOS using the most recent version.

5. Check to see whether your MacBook or other Mac device is still displaying the Discord update failed issue. As of right now, it will be resolved, allowing you to resume using Discord as intended. Simply log in to it to resume using Discord.


With any luck, this guide will assist you in resolving your Discord update problem and enable flawless gaming.

I know how crucial Discord is to gamers because I play them. It facilitates communication between us and our team members, allowing gamers to play video games with them and simply coordinate our efforts. Have fun!

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