How to Download Facebook Photos & Videos

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Ever wanted to download Facebook Videos from your Facebook newsfeed but can’t find the download button? Downloading Facebook videos are not so direct, we are going to show you some tools to help you download Facebook videos.

Do you Need 3rd Party Websites/Applications to Download the Data?

It’s a yes and a no. If you want to download your own data in bulk, all you need to do is download all your Facebook information via Facebook Archive. On the other hand, If you want to download specific videos from your Facebook account or other people’s content, then you need to resort to using a 3rd party website. While videos need a 3rd party website to download, you can easily download images directly.

Follow these steps to download Your Facebook Photos & Videos in Bulk.

Download Facebook Photos Videos Saved Information

  1. Go to your Facebook Settings
  2. Go to Your Facebook Information
  3. Go to Download Your Information
  4. Deselect All Data and Only Select Photos & Videos

Note that Facebook will process this request and it may take time depending on how much data you want to download. You can also request other data from your Facebook account. Once done, you will receive a notification from Facebook that your requested data is complete.

Downloading Photos & Videos Individually

If you want to download Facebook Photos individually, its a pretty easy task. All you need to do is select the image you want to download, Right Click on the image and “Save Image as“. It’s pretty simple and quite often, people forget that this can be done with just a few clicks.

Now, downloading Facebook videos is where you need a 3rd party website, but if you just want to save it into Facebook itself and not on your phone or PC/Laptop then you can just “Save Video” the selected video.

Download Facebook Photos Videos Save Video

Now If you want to download videos and save it to your local PC or phone, you will need a 3rd party website. I will use here as an example. What you want to do is copy the Facebook URL of the video you want to download and paste it onto the 3rd party website that you have chosen. It’s a pretty easy process and once that website is done processing the video you selected, you can either download it in HD Quality or Normal Quality.

Download Facebook Photos Videos GetVid

Overall, this is the safest way to download Facebook Photos & Videos to date. This will not risk your personal information in any way.


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