10 Best Free Ringtone Download Websites

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If you ever wanted one of those quirky ringtones that you hear on the radio, TV or even from your friend’s phone, you can easily download them on the internet. Heck, you can even download specific lines from movies and shows from ringtone websites. With everything online nowadays, you can’t go wrong with downloading ringtones from the internet to fit the quirky notifications you need for your phone.

Here’s our list of the 10 best websites where you can download free ringtones.

1. Zedge


Free Download Ringtone Zedge


One of the top personalization app’s out there, zedge.net offers you the free ringtones and wallpapers you need for your phone. Not only do they have a website where you can browse the ringtones you need but they also have an app that supports Android and iOS. They pretty much threw in everything to provide the convenience that users need nowadays. This website doesn’t categorize ringtones but only tags them with keywords.

Free Download Ringtone Zedge Selection

You simply go to their ringtone section, find the ringtone you want, and download. It’s really that simple.

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2. Ringtoneszoo


Free Download Ringtone Phonezoo


Formerly known as Phonezoo, ringtoneszoo.com pretty much offers you the easiest and fastest way to get ringtones. No loops, no verifications, you just select the ringtone you want and then download it, that simple. It also categorizes the ringtones in Holiday, Funny, Text Message, Movies, Music, and Bollywood.

There are two ways for you to get ringtones, and that is to either download it directly or to send it to your phone via your phone number. We really don’t want to encourage you to use your mobile number as that might have implications.

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3. CellBeat


Free Download Ringtone CellBeat


Cellbeat is a website that is fit for users that don’t often download from free ringtone websites. It’s UI is user-friendly and it has a lot of categories that you pretty much will have a hard time with the massive amount of selections. Ringtones also get scored by the users who downloaded it and they also included the number of views the ringtone got. This website also has a massive category of ringtones for you to choose from, be it an advertisement  sound, pop music, for children, disco, or jazz.  You have a variety to choose from and that is what makes CellBeat different from the rest of the sites here.

They also include information such as file size, length, and download times. The last thing we want to bring up with this website is how they support both iOS and Android devices. They separated both files for you to download.

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4. Tones7


Free Download Ringtone Tone7


Much like CellBeat, Tones7 offers the same properties of categories and supports iOS and Android devices. You can just select what device type file you want and download it right away. This website might not have a scoring base system, but they offer a popularity rating which is pretty much the same thing. The categories include, Latin, AmbientPets & Animal sounds, sound effects and much more. The only difference between Tone7 and CellBeat is that the file sizes for the ringtones are smaller which is a good thing but not necessarily good since it lowers the quality of the sound.

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5. MyTinyPhone


Free Download Ringtone MyTinyPhone


MyTinyPhone is perfect for you if you want to have a lot of choices on where to send the downloaded ringtone. Be it locally, email or phone, but as we suggested before, it’s better if you don’t use any mobile numbers when downloading ringtones online as it can have implications. With MyTinyPhone, you can download the ringtone and send it to your email. It also has a feature that lets you report the ringtone if you think that its offensive. Interact with other users for that ringtone on the comment section and score the ringtone yourself. Much like CellBeat and the others listed here, this website also categorizes the ringtones, be it Jazz, Classical, Pop, Message Tones, and other categories you can think of. The only difference is that this website has audios from memes and other quirky insults or audios from the internet.

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6. Notification Sounds


Free Download Ringtone Notification Sounds


Even though the name itself says “Notification”, you can also get ringtones and other sound files you want at Notification Sounds. It offers a simple UI and categories which you can easily go through and select the ringtone or notification sound you want. Download the ringtone file in mp3, m4r, or ogg. The ringtone categories they have include, message tones, featured sounds, Christmas tones, and general categories for ringtones unlike the other websites that list every category possible. The good thing about this website is that they feature a sound per day which many users have chosen and downloaded.

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7. Mobile9


Free Download Ringtone Mobile9


Mobile9 not only offers ringtones but also offers a variety of choices for you to choose from. Once you arrive at the website, a prompt will ask you on what device you are using. That’s pretty convenient as you won’t have a problem in choosing what file format your device might need since the website chooses it for you. It also categorizes ringtones by culture, theme songs, or original ringtones. After you select the right ringtone, you can just download it immediately since the website already knows what device you are using, therefore, the file is already in the format your device supports.

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8. ToneTweet


Free Download Ringtone ToneTweet


ToneTweet is pretty much the same as the others I’ve mentioned on this list, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a variety of websites to choose from. It categorizes every ringtone and supports iPhone and Android devices.

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9. ITuneMachine


Free Download Ringtone ITuneMachine


ITuneMachine, you might think that since the name of the website has “iTunes” in it, it would just be an iPhone exclusive website. Well think again, it offers a variety of ringtones for both iPhone and Android devices. It’s pretty updated with the latest trends, be it Tiktok, Movies, or any other ringtones you can think of from popular audios, this website might have it all.

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10. Melofania


Free Download Ringtone Melofania


Melofania, the last on the list, the website that lists artist into categories, the website that offers the latest news on the music industry, you name it. This website is pretty updated, it features ringtones from the latest music hits. The best part about this website is that you can create your own ringtone. Simply upload the audio file you have, pick where you want to set the 40-sec snippet, and then create the ringtone, that simple.

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