How to Get Verified on Instagram


The blue verification tick you see besides the name of the influencer, in many ways, is a status symbol. Only the most famous and successful Instagrammers will ever see this. In reality, it can be extremely difficult to get verified on Instagram.

Many other social networks have equivalent status or authentication symbols. It should come as no surprise that Facebook, the owner of Instagram, runs a similar authentication system, even using a white tick on a blue background as its symbol. Since 2009, Twitter has been running the Profile Verification scheme. Pinterest has also checked celebrity and influencer profiles.


Even TikTok has a status symbol for its top performers – a crown.

It’s important to note what these symbols represent. Social networks have not been configured to reflect rank. They were created to signify authenticity. The word “verified” means that Instagram (or some other social network) has made an effort to ensure that you are the one you say you are.

Instagram verification means that users can find the right account when looking for a certain personality or influencer. A verified account is essentially “the real deal.” It’s not a fan account, a tribute account, or a bogus account.

However, Instagram just wants to verify users people believe are interesting enough for someone to try to set up false accounts or to mimic. If you’re a regular person, there’s no reason for anyone to impersonate you. So from Instagram’s point of view, there’s no need to verify you.

Requesting a Verified Badge


Instagram makes its views on verification clear in its help files. It says that a verified badge means “that Instagram has confirmed that this is the authentic account for the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.”

“To request a verified badge, you must be a public figure, celebrity or brand and meet certain account and eligibility requirements.”

You can apply for a verified badge. Follow these steps:

  • Make sure you’re logged in to the account you’re looking for a verified badge.
  • Go to your profile and press the hamburger icon (three horizontal bars) (three horizontal bars)
  • Tap the Settings button, followed by the Account > Account Verification
  • Enter your full name and have the appropriate form of identification.

Instagram makes it clear that it is up to them to determine who is eligible as a public figure, a celebrity, or a global brand. You can’t apply and expect to be verified immediately.

Specific Requirements from Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines

Instagram defines four general conditions for an account to be verified:

  • Authentic: The account must be an actual person, a registered company, or an entity.
    Unique: The identity must be the unique presence of the person or company that it serves. Only one account per user or company can be verified, except for language-specific accounts.
  • Instagram doesn’t verify general interest accounts (example: @ilovecatmemes).
  • Complete: Your account must be public and have a bio, a photo profile, and at least one post. Your profile cannot contain “add me” links to other social media services.
  • Notable: Your account must be a well-known, widely searched individual, brand, or agency. Instagram reviews accounts that feature in several news outlets and do not accept paying or advertising material as a source for review.

Am I Verified?

Hang on—you’re not a verified Instagram star yet. Your request will now go to IG’s individual moderators who will review your account and determine whether or not to accept your Instagram badge.

It could take a few weeks, but it’s not a bad thing if you don’t hear back right away. Once the Instagram officials have made their decision, you will receive a message in the app informing you whether or not you have been verified.

Don’t lose hope if your appeal is rejected! After 30 days, you can make a new request.

Tips for Getting Verified on Instagram

After launching the option to request verification on August 28, Instagram is now more open about what it takes to get a verified badge. They are also openly announcing their criteria and specifications for their assistance center to be checked on Instagram.

If you’re curious what it takes to be considered for this gorgeous blue check, here’s what you need to do:

  • Accept the rules, please. If Instagram moderators believe you are not meeting their Terms of Use or Community Rules, you should kiss your chances of getting a check.
  • Be authentic. And we mean that literally. Your account must represent an actual individual, a registered corporation, or an existing entity. This also means that no inspirational meme pages or spoof accounts will be considered.
  • Be notable. Random people can’t just get the blue Instagram badge by asking nicely. You or the brand must be published in numerous news outlets, highly searched, and well known to the general public. Being featured in paid or promotional material does not count.
  • Just request verification for one account. According to Instagram, the account has to be “the unique presence of the person or business that it represents.” Literally, you can’t have several checked profiles for yourself or your brand. The only exception is for language-specific accounts (for example, McDonald’s Denmark vs. McDonald’s Italy).
  • Finish setting up your profile now. You can’t search on Instagram if your account doesn’t have a bio, a profile photo, and at least one post.
  • Be public. Private accounts cannot be checked, plain, and simple.
  • Don’t link to any other social networks. If your profile has ties to follow your accounts on other social media, your request is doomed.
  • Don’t lie. If you have “false or misleading information” when applying for authentication, you will have your verified badge revoked and face potential suspension or even permanent ban from Instagram.

Why is it Worth Getting Verified on Instagram?

For a lot of people, getting an Instagram check is just a badge of honor. It looks amazing, it builds your strength, and it makes you feel important. But those aren’t the only reasons why asking for Instagram authentication is worth the time.


There are three key advantages to be verified on Instagram:

One of the great things about having a blue Instagram badge is that anyone looking for you or your company will instantly see that you are the real one, making sure you don’t lose any future fans to fan pages, spoof accounts, or imitators.

You show that you are newsworthy. Getting Instagram checked proves that you have appeared in a variety of independent news sites and that you or your company are so impressive that people want to imitate you—and, as they claim, imitation is the most genuine form of flattery. Though it may only be the opinion of the Instagram moderators, it also tells your present and potential fans that you are perceived to be a widely recognized person or brand.

It’s perfect for Instagram SEO. If you want your username to rank at the top of the Instagram search results for words linked to your account name, having a blue check means winning immediately. Verified accounts always rate above unverified accounts for the same Instagram search—so that’s just icing on the cake.

Wrapping Up

By building your profile on various social media sites, investing in SEO to ensure that you rate for your search term, and remaining active on Instagram, you maximize your odds of being verified.

But at the end of the day whether or not you get it comes down to the split-second judgment of a Facebook employee. If you don’t get it on your first application, work on building your profile on the site.

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