How to Record a Live Video from YouTube


Nowadays, live streaming is everywhere like on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. Most of the content creators, tutorials, gamers, and others do live to stream.

Inorder not to miss those live streams, you might want to record it so that you can reuse or watch it the next time in your local storage.

You can easily capture or record live video from YouTube.

Here’s how to get started:

Find a Screen Record Capture Application

There are a lot of free screen recorder programs everywhere but your need to cautious because some of them are just spam, adware, or maybe selling your information. Some of it has limits in record time, and they even put watermarks after you render or export your final video. The best screen recorder for me is OBS Studio and Nvidia GeForce Experience. But now, we’ll focus more on OBS Studio since it’s the widely used free screen recorder. You can stream using that software too.

Download and Install OBS

You can download OBS Studio here and install it.


Setup Screen Recording

You need to add a Display Capture inside the source since we are going to. Select the default Scene, then click the + button at the bottom of the Sources panel then select Display Capture.


Just click OK in the message box that pops up.


Select the Display you wanted to be captured then click OK.


In the lower right corner, you can see there a lot of functions. It would be better if you explore your preferred settings first like where to save your recording and many more.


If you are done with your settings, you can click Start Recording.

Browse the recording path and you can use the video you have recorded. Either you edit it or view it raw.

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