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Rumble is a video hosting service similar to Vimeo or YouTube, with the exception that they have partners such as MTV, Xbox, Yahoo, MSN, and others.

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Users are paid to post their movies for usage by the platform’s partners as a result of the platform’s relationships. If a video is accepted, the uploader will receive $50. The user will receive more than $100 if the video is deemed excellent enough to make it to the first page.

What sets Rumble apart from YouTube?

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Rumble is similar to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube ten years ago in that it uses considerably fewer content-recommendation algorithms and shows images to users in chronological order.
Rumble also has fewer standards and merely prohibits pornography, child abuse, criminal conduct, and assault in videos.

What is the Best Way to Make Money on Rumble?

Rumble, like every other video hosting platform, has its own set of monetization policies. Rumble, however, is useful in assisting users in determining how much they will monetize. Rumble can be made profitable in the following ways:

1. Exclusive

Users will relinquish all rights to Rumble in exchange for a chance to win up to $1000.

2. Non-Exclusive

Users will keep all of their rights to the video and receive a benefit of up to $500. Rumble will be able to obtain a non-exclusive license for a video, allowing Rumble and its partners to utilize it while the uploader retains ownership.

3. Profit-Sharing

Users will give up all rights to Rumble in return for up to 90% of the video’s views on YouTube and another 60% of views from other partners.

4. Not for Sale

Most people would not do this, especially if they are trying to make money by selling stock footage.

What Kinds of Videos Are Profitable?

Rumble makes things simple despite YouTube’s strict guidelines. These three points are supposed to be the only things Rumble is looking for, and the more specific these criteria are, the better the odds of monetizing users’ videos:

  • Videos with good titles and descriptions
  • The content is unique, and the subject matter is engaging
  • Videos of excellent quality

The Rumble Media Player

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Rumble provides 4K video hosting on the fastest media player on the market, as well as real-time tracking and analysis of your stats. With Rumble’s video player, you can combine advertising, manage multiple channels, and monetize over one million video assets.
You can also have your own Dedicated Account Manager to assist you with the process. You’ll be able to sell your content to Amazon and Roku as well. And don’t worry, there won’t be any contracts or hidden charges.

One of the main perks for publishers and brands choosing to use Rumble as their content management system or video player is the speed of their players; they have a higher benchmarking than their competitors, which leads to more streams and sales for both publishers and creators.

How Many Views are Required to Profit from Rumble Videos?

The amount of money made from videos varies depending on a number of things. The type of license you want for your videos is one issue to consider (You will get to select the video licenses after uploading your videos). It also depends on the sort and quality of advertisements that will appear on your videos.

When compared to other niches, some niches pay more per thousand views. What is certain is that you do not require a minimum number of watch hours to earn ad revenue.
So sure your videos will be earning once it is approved for monetization.

So if you are asking how much money you can make on Rumble, then it varies with the sort of license you have on your videos and the type of niche your films belong to, it also relies on how many videos you are posting and how many videos are monetized.

Chris Pavlovki, one of the founders, claims that video artists can earn 10 times more money than YouTube. This is due to the fact that you can earn 60-90 percent of ad revenue and can license your movies on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis.

There are a few other methods to get money on Rumble.

So, in addition to the monetized videos you’ve posted, you can make money on Rumble in the following ways:

Rumble Video Battles

This is a Rumble feature that is offered for free (not available to everyone, only certain geographic locations). If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where this app is permitted, you can earn money by uploading and voting for the finest videos. If your film makes it to the top, you can win real money.

Rumble Camera

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This Rumble feature lets you to film films directly from your phone, then post, license, and sell them all from your phone

Rumble Referrals

By just recommending people to Rumble, you can earn tiny referral commissions. You may find your referral link after you’ve registered and verified your account by going to your dashboard and clicking on it. Refer folks to Rumble by using this link.

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Rumble Lottery

On Rumble, you can win the lottery by swiping videos for lottery entries. (Not available in all countries)
Are you all set for Rumble? Create a free account today to begin uploading videos and earning money.

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