Best 10 Google Chrome Extensions


Google Chrome is the most used web browser worldwide despite the annoying greediness in system resources. It has a clean interface, swift performance, very flexible, and home to a lot of extensions because of its open-source platform.

Ask yourself, what are the extensions you should install to be part of your Chrome browsing experience? To help you with that, we picked the best Chrome extensions to start with.

Just be careful in installing them because it can slow down your browser, so choose the right one that fits your needs.

1. Save to Google Drive


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Though this one is very simple, it’s good for its functionality. Save to google drive provides a little icon in the upper right corner of the browser that lets you save web content or screen capture directly to your google drive account. It adds a browser action to save the current page, and a right-click menu to save links and even media. Few customizations can be configured through an options page.

2. Sortd


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Sortd is used for email organization and team collaboration with several functions like tasks, emails, meetings, and projects. It is a simple lightweight extension for Gmail and GSuite that help your company or business work efficiently because it is easier to manage projects with your team.

3. Honey


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Honey is a free extension that is perfect for online shoppers. It enables you to find the best price for an item, automatically price-matching items and automatically applying coupon codes. Honey automatically finds the best coupon code that is not visible on a certain eCommerce website.

4. LastPass: Free Password Manager


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Lastpass is my favorite chrome extension. It is an award-winning password manager that automatically saves passwords, and can even give you secure access from every computer and phone.

Make it easy to log in to your usual visited websites. Stop wasting time memorizing your passwords. Lastpass takes care of it for you.

5. HTTPS Everywhere


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It encrypts your link with many more known websites which makes browsing more secure. HTTPS Everywhere is a collaboration between The Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier which are known for private browsing programs. This extension rewrites traffic using clever technology to these sites to HTTPS.

6. Speedtest


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Though they have their own testing website it would be more convenient if we install it directly in Google Toolbar. It measures your internet speed and measures how fast the pages you visit.

It gets your ping, download, and upload speeds.

7. The Great Suspender


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By suspending the tabs you aren’t using, it will make your Chrome browsing run more smoothly. The Great Suspender is a lightweight extension that reduces system memory. It would be perfect if you’re into opening a lot of tabs at the same time. This extension automatically suspends the tabs that are not viewed after a set length of time then freeing up the memory and CPU used by that tab.

8. Grammarly


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One of the best grammar checkers online. Grammarly helps you correct writing errors and replace them to perfect words to express yourself well.

It can be used on Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, and any website you find writing. Grammarly is not just a grammar checker but it can be also a writing assistant that offers unique suggestions to help improve your writing.

9. Tab Wrangler


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Tab Wrangler works like The Great Suspender extension but it automatically closes the inactive tabs after a designated time and makes it easy to open them back. Tabs are stores safe in the Tab Corral.

10. Adblock Plus – Free Ad Blocker


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One of the most popular Google Chrome extension and advertiser’s number one enemy. It blocks annoying banner ads, video ads, and even pop-ups. Works like a VPN because it will give yourself more privacy. Fights destructive Adwares, a malware that works as an ad. Adblock plus gives you chance to customize your browsing experience.

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