20 Free Cover Letter Templates for Microsoft Word

A cover letter is a critical part of any job application, yet many job seekers struggle to write an effective one. One reason for this is that they are unsure of how to format their letter. A common mistake is to simply copy and paste the same generic letter for every job.

However, each job is different, and it is important to tailor your cover letter to fit the specific position you are applying for. Another reason people have trouble writing cover letters is because they are not sure what information to include. You will need to highlight different aspects of your experience depending on the position you are applying for.

Fortunately, there are a number of free cover letter templates available for Microsoft Word. These cover letter templates can help you with both the format and the content of your letter. Simply choose a template that fits the specific job you are applying for and fill in your own information. In addition to saving you time, using a template will also help ensure that your letter is well-organized and professional-looking. With a little time and effort, you can easily create a cover letter that will impress potential employers and increase your chances of getting hired.

Here are 20 of the best free cover letter templates for Microsoft Word:

1. Modern Chronological Cover Letter

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Even though there are many various methods to style a cover letter, the modern chronological format is a wonderful option for many people looking for work. This cover letter is very easy to read and understand, making it a fantastic choice for companies that receive a large number of applications.

2. Polished Cover Letter

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MOO, a design firm, developed this along with a resume template. This cover letter has a contemporary design that highlights your qualifications. This easily available template is an excellent addition to any job search since it includes guidelines for drafting cover letters, social media posts, and more.

3. Blue Spheres Cover Letter

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The fashionable template is the answer to your question of how to create resumes that stand out. This Word template include formatting, recommendations, and more to quickly create a professional resume. This template for a resume or CV contains useful advice for creating a strong resume. This template is simple to use.

4. Basic Modern Cover Letter

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This cover letter features a simple and tidy template great for Professionals, Managers, Executives. Download it now.

5. Photo Cover Letter

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Using a cover letter template with a photo can help you put a face to the name. This template has a spot for your headshot, a strong design, and text formatting, as well as a professional cover photo that personalizes your application. Upgrade your professional portfolio by including a photo in your cover letter and CV.

Great template for models or anyone if the fashion or media industry.

6. Modern Initials Cover Letter


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Use this contemporary sample cover letter format with your resume if you want to create a strong impression. The modern initials premium cover letter template is simple to modify to fit your taste and convey professionalism. This accessible resume template was created with users with visual impairments in mind.

7. Contemporary Cover Letter

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Pair a modern cover letter with your CV. This cover letter template for Microsoft Word comes with excellent design style and formatting capabilities to get you noticed by HR.

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Making the correct impression with your CV depends on writing a clear, business-like cover letter. And nothing exudes modernism like a clean, uncluttered appearance. Therefore, if you’re searching for a covering letter template that would inspire confidence in both you and the CV you’re included, this will meet your needs.

It offers advice on how to write an effective letter, what to say and what not to say, as well as how to generate interest in the qualifications and experience shown on your CV. For a professional and finished appearance, pair it with the minimalist resume template that matches it.

9. Columns Cover Letter

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Use this Word’s cover letter templates to create effective cover letters that complement your resume. With its simple grid layout and helpful letter-writing advice, the column cover letter is easy to read.

10. Color Block Cover Letter

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This cover letter template is worth looking at if you’re looking for one with a lovely design. This cutting-edge, stylish cover letter will be noticed. Against a color-blocked background, your name, profession, and areas of specialization are shown in a statement-making huge, bold typeface. This cover letter template comes in three different design options, so you can pick the one that best matches your preferences and professional situation.

11. Geometric Cover Letter

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Making a strong first impression with your Curriculum vitae depends on your cover letter. Therefore, if you’re seeking a cover letter template from Microsoft Word that stands out, you’ll find what you need here. It offers guidance on how to write an effective letter that highlights your expertise and abilities.

For a professional look, pair it with the corresponding CV. There are three color options available, so you may pick the one that best suits the image you want to present.

12. Clean Elegant Cover Letter

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It’s simple to pull together a professional-looking cover letter for your accompanying resume using this Word sample. This sample cover letter template will be a useful addition to your job search toolkit when used with the corresponding resume.

13. Organic Shapes Cover Letter

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Use a cover letter template with a stunning organic layout to give your cover letter a distinctive appearance. This cover letter template is create for anyone applying for media or creative jobs.

14. Green Cube Cover Letter

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Another simple and nice cover letter template for someone who likes subtle design.

15. Rose Suite Cover Letter

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You may use this Word template to create a creative and engaging cover letter. Use this Microsoft’s resume cover letter to improve your job hunt. This template is simple to use.

16. Bold Monogram Cover Letter

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This is a bold CV letter sure to get attention. Eye-catching layout with text suggestions.

17. Contemporary Photo Cover Letter

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This cover letter with a photo design will draw attention to you thanks to the bold callouts and symbols for your connection and social media information.

18. Pink Floral Cover Letter

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This simple design elegantly displays your abilities and expertise. Great Word template for anyone into gardening related business.

19. Sticky Note Cover Letter

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Use this sophisticated Microsoft Word template to create a cover note or letter to go with your resume. You will stand out because of its distinctive design.

20. Inverted Modern Cover Letter

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Unique cover letter with an unconventional layout to make a bold statement. Great for someone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

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