20 Free Resume Templates for Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice


According to recent recruiting statistics, you need a visually appealing resume template combined with a work background that is customized to the position. We are fortunate to live in a world where resume templates are readily available online. In fact, there are a plethora of them.

Here are some great templates and pointers to get you started.

1. Glimmer


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This free Open Office resume template will make your resume stand out from the crowd. The large heading with a placeholder for your photo would instantly catch the eye of every recruiter. In the skill portion, you can easily score your ability by adding the desired number of stars. The text as a whole is well-organized, with each section clearly distinguished from the others. A good choice for both aspiring applicants and seasoned professionals.

2. Entry Level


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This Open Office resume template is ideal for entry-level jobs, as the name implies. Its easy and clean design would appeal to any recruiter who wants to quickly scan the document. You can easily add, delete, combine, or rearrange parts to better accommodate your needs and experience.

3. Simple and Clean


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This Open Office resume template is both straightforward and effective. The parts are simple to navigate and can be rearranged to your liking. It fits nicely on a single tab, but there’s no reason why it can’t be expanded to provide more years of relevant experience. You may also adjust the font sizes to make it uniquely yours. It was originally developed with administrative assistants in mind, but it is versatile enough to work with any occupation.

4. Internal Promotion


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This LibreOffice resume template is suitable for candidates vying for internal promotions. However, it is readily adaptable for other types of job seekers as well. All you have to do is change the section headings and text. It has a single-column layout with clearly defined parts that you can copy-paste and customize to your liking.

5. Changing Fields


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This LibreOffice resume template emphasizes skills. As such, it is ideal as the foundation for a combination or usable resume format. However, the parts can be conveniently rearranged to best meet your needs. It is an excellent option for both career changers and students, as well as seasoned professionals.

6. Upfront


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One of our favorites is this free Open Office resume template. Simple, uncomplicated, and to the point. The parts are well-organized and simple to search. Originally intended to be a single-page resume format, it can easily be expanded to a two-pager if necessary. Because of its versatility (and style! ), it will appeal to both newcomers and experienced professionals.

7. Button Down


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This elegant Open Office resume template is simple, clean, and appealing to a wide range of audiences. It’s neatly divided into easy-to-navigate bits, with subtle horizontal lines and distinct headings. It also makes good use of white space. A fantastic option for all job seekers, regardless of their professional stage.

8. Broad Appeal


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The simplicity and scannability of this Open Office resume template set it apart. Large section titles make it simple for the recruiter to find the most valuable information. In addition, the opening sentence is clearly evident. It’s an ideal template for job seekers who prioritize full impact delivered in a straightforward manner.

9. Light & Elegant


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Behance’s Gilang Tito Dharmawan has made this easy and professional resume template available for free. It is easy to use as a resume template for the OpenOffice or LibreOffice suites. As a single-page resume template, it is ideal for students and recent graduates in every industry or occupation.

10. Polished Resume


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MOO, a design firm, developed this resume template. Let your resume really stand out by using it as a LibreOffice resume template. Its broad header and section titles will direct the recruiter’s attention to what is truly important. It would be most effective in a corporate setting and for seasoned executives.

11. Crisp & Clean


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Sadique P. of Behance created this template, which is available in a number of file formats. You can easily use it as a LibreOffice resume template by opening it in Libre Office Writer. Because of its two-column resume layout, you can fit a lot of details on a single page without it looking cluttered.

12. Chronological Resume


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The Chronological Resume template can be downloaded for free from Microsoft’s own repository. You can use it as an Open Office resume template for your preferred open-source office suite. Its minimalist, distraction-free architecture makes it an excellent alternative for both traditional industries and recent graduates.

13. Watershed


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Watershed is based on one of four common templates: Cascade. It’s a straightforward two-column resume with modern fonts and easy-to-read headings. Elegant and easy to use, it is ideal for both experienced professionals and newcomers. Make it your own by changing the colors, style, and fonts.

14. Blue Side


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This LibreOffice resume design features a distinct teal sidebar that houses dates and section titles. Because of this layout, this template is appropriate for a two-page resume that may contain several additional resume pages, such as certifications or hobbies and interests.

15. Professional Resume


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All is in the name. This Apache OpenOffice resume template was designed for seasoned professionals. There is no place for fluff here, just meat. Furthermore, the blue horizontal lines make it extremely easy to navigate. In addition, it includes a section for technical references on a resume.

16. Columns


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One advantage of using Open Office resume templates is that you can experiment with various resume file formats. For example, although this lovely template was created for Microsoft Word, you can easily edit it with OpenOffice or LibreOffice text editors.

17. Modern


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This OpenOffice writer resume template has a simple design that makes it simple to use. Because of the blue elements, a single glance is all that is required to determine the location of a specific resume section.

18. CV for Higher Education


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This LibreOffice curriculum vitae template is perfect for writing an academic CV. If you don’t know what the difference between a CV and a resume is, read our piece on what a resume should look like to learn more.

19. Creative Resume


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This one is from Behance, where you can find a plethora of other innovative resume templates for free. The highlighted header parts stand out from the rest of the text, drawing attention to your contact information and resume description. While this is a good design for online applications, it will not look great when printed.

20. Iris


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This free resume design was influenced by contemporary infographics. As such, it could be an intriguing option for all types of creatives, such as graphic or website designers.

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