How to Get Swipe Up On Instagram Without 10k Followers


It goes without saying that Instagram’s fantastic features have won the hearts of many brands and businesses across the globe, and so it’s constantly laden with features you never knew you needed.

Take ‘Swipe Up’ for Example

You can share links directly to your story with the Swipe Up. This feature helps your followers to get more details and leads them to wherever you want them to go.

Unfortunately, this option is only open to those with 10k+ followers. So, how are you going to get Swipe Up on Instagram without 10k followers? Well, here are some ways you can get the swipe up feature on your Instagram without the required minimum of followers.

How To Get Swipe Up On Instagram Without 10k Followers

1. #LinkInBio


The best way to share your Instagram link is with your bio. Like IGTV, everybody can do this. Once you’ve put your link in your bio, you can lead users there by telling them to search the link using your stories, feed, and IGTV. You can also simply type #LinkInBio!

2. Get Creative with Story Stickers

There are quite a few Instagram stickers that you can use to swipe up without the needed followers.

Thumbs up or down? Like it or not? Poll stickers are used to get people to make easy votes on your story. You may post a product, suggestions, videos, or just how you feel about something and ask your followers for their feedback. Ask them if they’d like to get a link to your new blog post and DM to all the people who say yes.

The Join Chat sticker generates a group chat that is connected to your story. Anyone interested in what you’ve written to your story can click on it to access the chat room. Type “Link in Chat” or “Join Chat for Link.”

You can share a link with up to 32 people in the group. But there’s no limit on how many groups you can make. So, you can put stickers on various posts, helping you to share your link with more people at the same time!

Stickers are easy to deal with if you’re wondering how to get Swipe Up on Instagram without 10k followers.

3. The IGTV-Story Combo


With IGTV, users can upload longer videos than feeds permit. IGTV is a great space to build engagement and a great way to use Swipe Up without getting 10k followers. Anyone with an Instagram account can do that.

Just follow these steps to get the Swipe Up Instagram Story option without 10k followers using IGTV.

Post an IGTV call-to-action video. The video must be at least 1 minute long. If uploaded from the app, the maximum duration is 15 minutes, but it can be 60 minutes from the web. Tap the IGTV symbol on your profile to upload. Tap the (+) and pick the video you want to share. Add a fun, attention-grabbing title and a sprinkling of emojis. Post!

Now to get the info onto your story. Post a story asking your fans about the IGTV video and they need to swipe up to see it.

Click the link icon at the top of your screen. Choose “+IGTV Choose” and choose the corresponding IGTV post (from #1). IGTV is now linked to your story. Your followers are going to be able to swipe to get the deets about your message.

4. Story Ads

If you can afford to pay for it, go ahead. You don’t need 10k followers to get the Instagram Story paid ad swipe-up option. Ads are promoting your story, and the Swipe Up option is part of the package.

Paid Story Ads have their own limits. You can only post stories that take 15 seconds. Some app features and stickers like the @mentions sticker can’t be used for promotional stories. Poll stickers are still available, though.

5. Let Your Followers Slide Into Your DMs


It seems super simple, but it’s really successful. We guarantee that. Even major influencers and businesses also ask their users to DM when they want to share a link.

The entire point of Swipe Up is to promote your link, isn’t it? Telling your followers to DM so they can get the link is a fast and simple way to get the benefits of swipe up without the followers.

Although it takes some manual labor to send links individually, it’s one of the better ways to share your content, products, or news with your followers until you reach the 10k mark.

Ready to Swipe Up?

No matter what tip you’re using to get the swipe up feature without 10k followers, it’s important to draw attention to swipe up! Place an arrow leading down at a tab. Put in a text that urges them to “swipe up.” If it’s a video, let them know they can find a link by swiping up.

Now you’ve got all the tricks on how to get Swipe Up on Instagram without 10k followers without worrying about scavenging new followers.

It’s time for you to get imaginative with how to get them to swipe up and not leave! Swiping to the left means that they’re moving on, and that’s just not what you want.

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