How Make a GIF for Instagram?


Instagram is a fantastic social media application that allows users to easily share videos and images with their followers and the rest of the world. However, there is still no clarification about how (or if) GIF photos can be uploaded to Instagram, as has been the case for some time on Facebook and Twitter.

It might be useful to understand how to upload these GIFs to make your posts and stories more visually appealing and lively. We’ll try to figure out whether and how this can be achieved in the sections that follow.

We’ll go through some methods for uploading GIFs to Instagram below.

Upload GIF to Instagram

Adding a GIF to Instagram is essential, but it must also be appropriate and interactive. And the internet has created a number of GIF-related applications. GIPHY, one of the most well-known among them, is user-friendly and provides a plethora of options for making the best option for portraying your mood. GifShare, ImgPlay, Giphy Cam, and other similar apps are also available. However, in this section, we will show you how to use GIPHY to upload a GIF to Instagram.

How to Post a GIF to Instagram on iOS

Launch GIPHY App

GIPHY can be downloaded from the App Store. On the first window, click Let’s Go! to begin.


Get the Desired GIF

On the main interface, you’ll see trending GIFs and recommendations from which to pick. Alternatively, you can Search GIPHY from the search bar to align it with your viewpoint.


Find the Share Button

On the GIF interface, look for a share icon, and select it to be redirected to the social media choices.


Share It on Your Feed

Select the Instagram button. GIPHY will ask for permission to Access Your Photos and then open Instagram; allow it to proceed with the uploading process.


Upload GIF to Instagram

Click on Feed will take you to the next editing window. Edit it to your liking, add a caption, and Share it to Instagram to add the GIF.


How to Add GIF to Instagram Story

At a glance, stories can depict your day and thoughts. Their contribution is important because you only have 24 hours to tell your story to your follower base. The more relatable your story, the more interaction you will get. You will not only engage more followers, but you will also make the interaction more enjoyable by including a GIF in your Instagram story.

If you’re wondering how to post a GIF on Instagram story, there are several options.

Method 1:

To start, let’s bring up GIPHY once more. To add a GIF to your Instagram story, simply follow the steps in Method 1 mentioned in Part 1 of this article. The only difference will be in the last step, where you chose Feed; this time, you will have to pick Story to post the GIF on your Instagram story. Without a question, GIPHY is the simplest way to share a GIF on your Instagram story.

Method 2:

Go to Your Story from the top-left corner of your Instagram account.

Slide left for BOOMERANG, SUPERZOOM, and HANDS-FREE effect, which will create your GIF. And then send it to your story to make it visible for 24 hours to your followers.

Method 3:

Instagram for Android allows you to upload GIF stickers.

It will be the same as the previous method’s first method.

Upload or capture a picture, or add text to Your Story, and then slide up the bar to access the GIF stickers. You can also check Instagram’s GIF library for the appropriate choice. You may also resize or rotate them to suit your needs before uploading them to your stories.


Method 4:

If you are using an iPhone, then the steps are as follows.

Install GIF Keyboard or a similar app from the App Store. Then, in Settings, grant your GIF Keyboard access to all applications. Now, from the Your Story site, upload or capture files. Pick the text icon from the top-right corner.

Click on ABC to join the third-party keyboard, here the GIF Keyboard, and get the GIF you want to share from the bottom-left side. Now, copy the GIF you’ve chosen and paste it into your story field. When you’re done, you can share it right away.


Post a GIF on Instagram on PC

Follow the steps below to learn how to use GIPHY to share a GIF on Instagram on your PC.

Step 1. Open GIPHY Website First

Launch GIPHY in your browser and sign in to the website. Utilize the search bar to find the GIF you want to post on Insta.


Step 2: Locate the Instagram Sharing Icon

Now, under the Share It header, click on the Instagram button. An Instagram Share notification window will appear, asking for your email address, to which GIPHY will submit the MP4 file of the selected GIF.


Step 3: Get the File

Download the MP4 file from your email address and save it to your iPhone’s camera roll.


Step 4: Share the GIF to Instagram

Then, open your Instagram account and click the + below to access your media library, then select the GIF, click NEXT to edit it as required, and finally SHARE it on your feed.

Wrapping Up

GIPHY’s collaboration with Instagram has started with GIF sharing on the website. It is an active collaboration with all Instagrammers. Nobody can deny that GIFs are delightful. As a result, posting a GIF on your Instagram story or Feed has become a global requirement. Instagram is an obvious tool for those who want to make their social presence known. As a result, this social media platform has set you on the road to increasing your follower base.

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