How Many People Can You Unfollow on Instagram?


There isn’t a way to unfollow anyone on Instagram with a single click. Keep in mind the platform’s rules and regulations if you want to keep your Instagram profile safe. For example, there are daily and hourly limits for likes, comments, mentions, follows, and unfollows.

Instagram Follow / Unfollow Restrictions

Instagram considers these two actions to be one. You have the ability to follow or unfollow up to 150 accounts a day. This number may be about 100 for new Instagram users. Also, bear in mind that it is best to follow or unfollow ten accounts per hour to keep things looking natural for Instagram.


The good news is that there is no limit on how many accounts will follow you. That is how celebrities amass so many followers in such a short period of time after creating their accounts.

To stop spamming on Instagram, be cautious when following or unfollowing accounts at first. Attempt to raise the numbers week by week. As an example:

  • 50 follow/unfollow per day on week 1
  • 100 follow/unfollow per day on week 2
  • 150 follow/unfollow per day on week 3Instagram has a new feature called “Least Interacted With.” This is a list of 50 people with whom you have had the least interaction, and if you unfollow all of them, you can refresh your home page to see another 50.

If you’re going to unfollow a lot of people, we recommend starting with this list.

Why Do Instagram Employ Restrictions?

Instagram has over one billion active monthly users. Furthermore, these users post over 500 million stories in a single day. It already appears to be a crowded community; now imagine everyone having limitless likes, comments, and follow/unfollow choices. It would destabilize the situation.

On the other hand, if every move on Instagram is unrestricted, many businesses and individual users would have the ability to promote their accounts excessively. As a result, Instagram has developed some rules about these actions without actually announcing them.

Important Factors Determining Instagram Restrictions

The rules and conditions of the platform vary from year to year. For example, in 2019, the site tested a system for hiding total like counts on posts, introduced checkout, and launched new post types. Nonetheless, the central algorithms of operation remained unchanged. Consider the primary factors that affect network abridgment, such as like and follow constraints.

Age of the Account


According to the app’s policy, any profile generated more than three months ago is considered old. The more shares, followers, views, and likes it has, the older it gets — this is very rational. However, when a two-day-old page accumulates hundreds of images or videos, it becomes suspicious. And, given the profile’s relative youth, the platform’s algorithms are bound to pay particular attention to such massive activity.

Number of Followers

This is logically related to the previous two variables. The older your profile and the more you use it, the more Insta-friends you have. As a result, users with more followers are able to do more things in the app. It’s not the same if your page is just a few weeks old but you’ve already submitted thousands of friend requests. It seems odd — and the network will, without a doubt, delete your page as a bot.

Account Activity

It is important for the site to have a strong user base with a large amount of high-quality content. As a result, the more often you use Instagram services, the more freedom you have, and vice versa. If you visit the site several times a day, chat with your friends, share new posts, and comment on other users’ stories, the network will undoubtedly ‘heart’ you. Assuming, of course, that you do not infringe on this freedom.

Account Engagement

It is a simple metric that reflects the amount of activity you perform on the app during a given time span. Instagram engagement is measured using a variety of variables, the most important of which are likes, comments, shares, and saves. In other words, your participation is strong if you communicate regularly with other people through this service. However, if you exchange stories without engaging in more conversation with others, the network would almost never consider you to be engaged.

Use Instagram Wisely


Instagram limitations and restrictions aren’t a problem as long as you don’t abuse the site. Do not rush to send out hundreds of friendship invites and messages, like everyone’s photos, and comment on any post you come across. Use the application carefully and in accordance with your goals. If you want to increase sales and generate more leads, strive to promote your account in a non-aggressive manner. It is the most effective way to accomplish your objectives without being mistaken for a spammer.

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