Tozo t6 Wireless Earbuds Review

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The technology behind wireless has grown leaps and bounds in recent years. In its early years, consumers showed reluctance of paying a steep price for a flimsy pair are now clamoring for wireless earbuds from the biggest brands. There is no shortage of wireless earbuds on the market. In fact, majority of shoppers prefer wireless earbuds over chunky headphones and OEM earbuds.

One of the most coveted earbuds of 2020 is the T6 True Wireless Earbuds from TOZO. In a world dominated by Apple and Sennheiser earbuds, the Chinese company, TOZO, is fast becoming a crowd favorite thanks to its best-priced true wireless earbuds. One of the hottest earbuds for overall use to date is the TOZO T6. Boasting premium features that can compete against high-end models, it comes to no surprise that it’s been selling like hotcakes online and at bricks and mortar shops.

In true expert reviewer fashion, we have made our own assessment of the TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds. After thorough evaluation using industry standards, we’ve listed down some of its useful features and exciting enhancements. The T6 True Wireless Earbud is the latest iteration of TOZO’s exclusive wireless earbuds collection. While T10 is considered by many as a must-have for budget-conscious but discerning users, the T6 is slowly pulling tech-savvy consumers, too. Let’s take a look at its features and major selling points:

Sound Quality

TOZO has knocked the ball out of the park with the T6 with its rich musicality and sleek design. In terms of sound quality, the Chinese gadget manufacturer succeeded to provide notable hi-fi stereo sound enhancement making it the best in-ear earbuds in its price category. The T6 is equipped with Powerful Bass Performance and a 6mm Large Sizer Speaker Driver resulting in a truly authentic sound experience.

Build Quality

If you’re as clumsy as can be, you’ll be delighted to know that T6’s build quality is beyond average. The earbuds are manufactured using dense plastic and feel surprisingly solid despite its lightweight design. It can withstand impact from accident drops. The case and earbuds are waterproof, thanks to its IPX8 rating.

Comfort and Fit


One of T6’s strongest selling points is its comfort features. It comes with six tip sizes, so you’re most likely to find a pair that snuggle fits. The sleek, thin design and with a weight of 0.02, you they’re amazingly comfortable to wear for extended hours.

Battery Life

The T6 wireless earbuds was marketed to give users up to 6 hours’ worth of playtime from a single charge and up to a day using the compact charging case. It lives up to its claim and can give you uninterrupted listening during extended workouts and long-haul drives.


We have nothing much to complain about the TOZO T6 wireless earbuds. TOZO was able to deliver the best features in its technical, sound, design, and comfort elements. And with an affordable price point of below $50, it was extremely hard for us not to be impressed with the T6 wireless earbuds. It may not come with all the bells and whistles found in high-end earbuds, but it truly delivers the best bang for your buck.

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