10 Useful Software for Streaming Used by VTubers


If you’re on the internet a lot, then you may have a VTuber. For the uninitiated, VTubers are simply Vloggers, but they appear in the form of anime characters instead of their normal, regular selves. They’re not AIs, but simply humans who have enough knowledge to use software that can generate anime characters and feature them on YouTube videos.

If you want to enter the world of VTubers, first you must know what software they use, and below are 10 of the best ones we can find.

1. Hyprmeet


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Hyprmeet is a great VTuber software that is available for macOS and Windows OS users. It’s a pretty intuitive app for making virtual reality videos on YouTube. With the Hyprmeet software, you can configure your anime characters in a range of formats and make video calls to friends.

One of the reasons for choosing this interactive YouTuber software is its accessibility. Hyprmeet operates on both MacBook and Windows machines. It’s a wonderful tool to launch a virtual YouTube channel.

2. Facerig


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You can use Facerig if you’re not trying to make videos that expose your whole body. As the name suggests, this app focuses on your face. It’s got quite a lot of other features that are perfect for making YouTube virtual reality videos without VR sets. This virtual YouTuber program provides the following capabilities at an inexpensive cost: instant digital cosplay, real-time voice synthesis, excellent rendering accuracy, and customizing tools.

Interestingly, Facerig for VTubers supports Live2D Cubism 3.0 technologies to allow users to make the best videos for their needs.

3. Wakaru

useful-software-streaming-vtubers-facerig wakaru

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Wakaru is a simple, multi-feature VTuber software for Windows OS. There is no need for a VR system or kit when using Wakaru. Wakaru only needs you to mount a webcam on your PC or use your mobile camera; that’s all you need to become a VTuber.

However, when you use this VTuber app, motion isn’t as flawless as what you’d get from using VR devices, but it’s a decent way to get started as a novice, and it saves you money. Some features of Wakaru include eye capture, head pose capture, mouth shape capture, facial control, real-time gesture tracking, and more.

4. FaceVTuber


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With a web browser and a webcam, you can become a VTuber, thanks to FaceVTuber. This is a web-based VTuber program that runs on any web browser (Chrome is suggested by the developer) to power your VTube footage. The Japanese-based interface is a significant drawback to the use of this program. If you’re reading and understanding Japanese, then FaceVTuber maybe your best option.

However, FaceVTuber supports MMD (pmd, pmx), FBX (fbx) and VRM (vrm) 3D formats. It’s a reliable VTuber tool for beginners.

5. VTube Studio


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VTube Studio runs on MacBooks and PCs, but it needs a smartphone (iOS or Android) to go along with it. This VTuber software uses a smartphone to map your face and animate your Live2D Cubism Character. It is compliant with OBS for streaming and is a free software application. The streamlined interface of this software is stunning and unique.

There are a lot of features available on this software, and you’ll find them useful for your venture to become a virtual YouTuber. However, this app isn’t going to chart your eye motions or your winks.  VTube Studio makes a good start to a reliable VTuber program for beginners.

6. Live3D VTuber Maker


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You don’t have to spend much as a newcomer, Live3D VTuber Maker offers you the features you need to become a VTuber at no “initial” expense. The app is available on Steam and offers a wealth of fascinating features, including customization panels to make your anime character look attractive and real. Live3D VTuber Maker supports motion detection, lip-sync audio base, adorable avatar (have two character avatars), and more features.

For a $69 subscription fee, Live3D’s VTuber Maker lets you build your character and fine-tune your model. It’s a robust VTuber app for YouTube virtual reality content.

7. Luppet


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Luppet is often compared with FaceRig – it is a fantastic tool to fuel the VTuber ambition. This VTuber software packs a number of useful features that help out for different purposes. It also offers an intuitive visual experience – with the Leap Motion device hanging around your neck and the camera pointing to your face, Luppet catches your hand motions and other movements.

8. VRChat


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There is no way to complete this list without including VRChat – it is certainly one of the most useful tools for interactive YouTubers. VRChat offers an environment for users to test out many things, like designing and avatars for VTube purposes. This software is available on Steam and is compliant with a wide variety of VR solutions, tools, and devices.

VRChat also helps you to create a futuristic world for your virtual reality videos on YouTube. More so, VR Chat supports full-body avatars with lip sync, eye tracking/blinking, hand movements, and a full range of motion.

9. Animaze


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This VTuber tool is provided by FaceRig, a convenient solution for beginners VTubers and elites. The app is essentially a program that lets you transform into a virtual animal character and make videos for various purposes. Animaze is available for PC users – it also has a mobile app version for iPhone users. What you need to use Animaze is a webcam.

There are a lot of things you need to customize using Animaze to make your avatar stand out and appear unique.

10. VRoid


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VRoid is basically a 3D anime character creator software – it’s also a useful VTuber program for beginners and elites. Interestingly, VRoid provides a range of anime design solutions to suit any VTuber. Accessible for smartphones and PCs, VRoid lets you construct specific descriptions and configure your characters as you want.

The software is called VRoid Studio and is available on macOS and Windows computers.  So, if you’re searching for VTuber software for YouTube virtual reality content, then VRoid is among the easiest choices to choose.

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