How to View Private Accounts On Instagram


Instagram is a popular platform to post and share photos with those on your network. From family photographs to holiday photos, you can post whatever you want to update followers with your new snapshots and read comments as you go.

Though public profiles are not a matter of concern, private profiles are a tricky one. People may want to see someone’s private profile for various reasons. A mother might want to keep an eye on her child’s internet habits, or an employer may want to see what his employee posts on his social media. Whatever the reason, people are always looking for either a secret method or a clever way to check someone’s private Instagram profile.

If you really want to view a private account on Instagram, here are your options:

1. Send a Follow Request Maybe?

One of the most important ways and get into someone’s private Instagram is to send a follow request directly to the user. There is a high probability that the recipient would approve your request if they already know you.


However, if the request is not approved immediately or the user has refused, there are always a few ways that you can get them to approve your follow request.

Wait a while after you’ve sent your request. The user may not be very active on their account, or may not be able to check for days the pending requests. Some people don’t bother checking the pending requests section, so it could go unseen for some time.

If there have been days and your request has not yet been approved, you will want to contact the user using the Direct Message option. Let them know via Instagram DM’s and tell them why you’re interested in following their account, introduce yourself, and see if the other person shows any interest when you’re having a conversation. Some people are purely adamant about not approving invitations from people they don’t know. So, it would be a smart idea to communicate with the person first.

In case you know a person from anywhere, telling them about yourself and reminding them when or when you met would be a smart idea.

2. Google Search Their Username

If you don’t want to send a follow request, check Google for their username. The first thing you want to do is to know the identity associated with the profile you want to see. Next, check Google for the name. Even if the profile is private, there is still a high chance that any digital footprints might have been left on your target account because they didn’t toggle on privacy on their account. Some small bits of the account information could be visible on Google images.


At the very least, you will see a profile picture of their Instagram account. The profile images are normally readily viewable on Google. You can also find their unprotected Facebook, Twitter, or some other social network and get your hands on their details quickly.

3. Send Follow Request Using Fake Insta Profile

If the above strategies don’t work for you, you can always create a fake profile. However, this approach is truly unethical, and it could land you in trouble, too. So be warned and choose this option at your own risk.

Creating a fake profile of a female individual could be of tremendous benefit as the request is more likely to be approved. Make your profile look as genuine as you can by keeping a good girly name and sharing women’s content. For this, you can find out the new trends common among women influencers and curate your account accordingly. Follow a lot of public accounts and some trustworthy peers to make sure you don’t put off some phony vibe. If the profile has been set up, send a follow request to your target user.

4. Use an IG Viewer Tool Instead


If all of the above-mentioned methods fail, you can use a third-party online private Instagram account viewer. Beware that these sites aren’t 100% authentic and safe and can easily put your online surfing at risk. Normally, such sites require you to enter your credentials such as name and contact info, Instagram username, and some might even require your credit card details as their services aren’t free.

If both of the above solutions fail, you can use a private Instagram account viewer from a third party online. Keep in mind that these pages are not 100% genuine and secure and can easily put online browsing at risk. Usually, some sites ask you to input your credit card details, such as name and contact information, Instagram username, and others may also require your credit card details, as their services are not free.

In addition, the Instagram API has a stringent policy of not allowing any third party to access private data from its users. In any case, you need to be careful and think twice before you give your information to these pages, as your data could be hacked in the process.

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