10 Free Resignation Letter Template for Microsoft Word

Are you looking for a free resignation letter template to give notice to your current employer?

Still feeling a loss of words what to say? Fret not, we have compiled a list of the 1o best resignation letter templates for Microsoft Word.

These resignation letter templates are free and can be easily customized to fit your specific situation. Whether you’re looking for a brief and simple resignation letter template or a more detailed and formal letter

What to Include in Your Resignation Letter

Your message should be simple, accurate, and polite—no need to go into great detail in your note or explain your choice.

1. Focus on the Details

Give a specific date by which you’ll be quitting your job. Give the required amount of notice, which is typically at least two weeks.

Even though it’s ideal for giving two weeks’ notice, you should be ready in case your employer requests that you leave on the day you resign. Since most Americans work for pay at will, it’s typically acceptable for employers to “fire” you when you give notice.

2. Provide a Reason if You Wish

You can choose to share the reason you’re quitting, but it’s entirely up to you as long as you can do so in a positive way. In your letter, you can briefly mention things like starting a new job or returning to school.

3. Offer to Help With the Transition

Offer to assist in training your replacement if you can, or at the very least, make a list of your responsibilities so that a new hire can take over.

4. Say Thank You

Even if you can’t wait to get out, try to think of something for which you are grateful, then express that to your boss. You can depart more easily as a result.

5. Keep It Positive

Don’t mention anything negative since this letter will become a permanent part of your employment history. A polite resignation letter preserves relationships and increases your likelihood of getting a positive recommendation from your previous employer.

Resignation Letter Templates

1. Letter of Resignation Due to Conflict With Boss

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Use this simple resignation letter sample to give your employer formal notice that you are quitting. The sample resignation letter outlines the reason for leaving, includes a termination date, and aids in handing off duties to a new employee.

2. Resignation Letter Due to Retirement

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Send a written notice to your employer stating that you intend to leave your position. This adaptable letter template talks about the handoff of job responsibilities to your replacement and includes an expiration date.

3. Letter of Resignation From Board

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Use this simple resignation letter template to submit written notice of your resignation. The sample resignation letter template thanks the company for the opportunity to serve. Use this resignation letter template for Word to draft a formal resignation.

4. Immediate Letter of Resignation

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An immediate letter of resignation can be used to inform your employer of your immediate departure. Use this template to inform your employer of your return of office equipments.

5. 1 Week Notice

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Intending to quit in a short time? A one-week notice resignation letter is a rather short notice informing your employer of resigning from your position. This letter lets you give the employer notice of your resignation professionally and courteously.

6. 2 Weeks Notice

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Looking to leave your position in 2 weeks? This resignation letter template gives two weeks in advance so that the employer has time to find a replacement for the employee.

7. Church (Religious Group) Resignation

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A church resignation letter is a formal written notice of one’s intention to leave a position with a religious organization. Usually, it is addressed to a pastor or clergy member. This letter should cover the specifics, but it can also be used to show the larger congregation your feelings and get their best wishes.

8. Teacher

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This teacher resignation template letter will help any teacher who no longer wishes to continue working in their current position. This could be for any reason, but the recommended practice is to give the school as much notice as possible to help them find a new teacher.

9. E-Mail Resignation Letter

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Use this resignation template to show your gratitude win working with your superiors. It could be sent online to a supervisor, HR representative, or other colleagues who needs to know about your upcoming departure.

10. Professional Resignation Letter

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This professional resignation letter is a formal written notice informing an employer of one’s intention to leave a job. It is specific, and courteous and it is a good template to send to HR.

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