5 Best Cloud Backup Services 2020

Best Cloud Backup Services

We tend to trust our PCs and laptops too much with our data. We think that, since our PCs and laptops are high-quality, it will last for years still. We fail to take into account the other reasons why our data gets lost. Our PCs or laptops are susceptible to theft, floods, fire, malfunctions, and more. We will lose our data forever in these disasters.

How Can You Secure Your Data?

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Some people feel secure when they store their data on external hard drives. But they forget that external hard drives are susceptible to the same things as PCs or laptops. It’s still in danger of theft, malfunctions, ruin by floods and fires, etc.

If you want real security, you should invest in a cloud backup service.

What Are Cloud Backup Services?

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Cloud backup services store all your data in a remote, cloud-based server. Nothing can touch or harm your data here. Since it’s stored online, I can assure you that it’s completely safe. Online storage will allow you to access your data on any other device.

If you want that security with your data, you should start looking for the best cloud backup service for you. I have some great suggestions that you should look into.

What Are The Best Cloud Backup Services?

I’ll list 5 of the best cloud backup services here to help you pick one.

1. iDrive

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What I love best about iDrive is it allows data storage for an unlimited amount of devices. You can store data from your PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Androids all in one account.

iDrive focuses on providing all your cloud backup needs. It offers fast speeds and quick access through web interfaces. It keeps old file copies forever, as well as has easy file share to emails or social media accounts. There is security from personal encryption keys. You also get to enjoy real-time file-syncing options, bulk uploads, and so much more.

iDrive offers excellent prices. You can choose Basic (free), Personal ($52.12 for the 1st year), or Business ($74.62 for the 1st year) Plans. The Basic Plan only allows storage of 5GB. The two others can range from 2TB to 5TB. That’s more than enough space despite the many devices connected to it.

iDrive is one of the best choices for a trustworthy cloud backup service. Its awesome features reassure that.

2. Backblaze


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With Backblaze, you get one account for one computer. Yet, you’ll enjoy unlimited data storage. So if you only use one computer, then this server is perfect for you. You won’t need to worry about storage space anymore.

You can choose from 3 pricing plans. There’s the monthly payment, yearly payment, or biannual payment. The monthly is $6 per computer. The yearly is $60 per computer. The biannual is $110 per computer. The free 1-month trial gives you a chance to test the server beforehand. From that, you can determine if it has all your cloud backup needs or not.

One notable feature of Backblaze is its continuous backups. It will automatically backup files on your computer and even on external drives. You have control over all your backup folders. You can select the folders that you want to have automatic, scheduled or no backup.

But there’s a downside to Backblaze that you should know about. The only way to restore your files is in the Backblaze website. This makes restoration tedious because of its manual search for your files.

Still, Backblaze is a great cloud backup service that you can trust with your data.

3. Acronis True Image

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You’re allowed up to 5 devices for one account with Acronis. You should note that this can vary across plans. The storage also varies across plans but the most common is 5TB.

The pricing for Acronis is a bit more complicated. You’ll get a lot of offers depending on the different plans. My advice is to make sure that you understand the price plans before investing in it. If not, you might pay a lot more than your budget.

Most businesses choose Acronis because of some beneficial features. One feature is its powerful protection and security. It provides a personal encryption key, which makes it secure enough. If that’s not enough for you, Acronis also provides ransomware and crypto-mining protection. Your data is safe with you.

The quick restoration of data is another feature that businesses love. You can restore data in no time, allowing you to use and access it right away. You can use this for PCs and mobiles, Macs, virtual machines and social media accounts

Acronis is a businessman’s best friend when it comes to backing up and storing data.

4. Carbonite

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Ranked as one of the easiest to use servers, Carbonite is part of my best cloud backup services.

I know there are many people that are not interested in spending time backing up files and data. You might be one of these people. Well, I have good news! The Carbonite server has a set-up-and-forget approach. You set it up during installation and it automatically backs up your files and data. But for files bigger than 4GB, you need manual backing up. Aside from that, it’s all automatic.

Like Backblaze, it offers unlimited storage per computer. Like Acronis, the pricing varies with the plan you get. Like iDrive, you can get quick access through web-connected devices.

It stands alone, though, with its color-coding system. The color-coding makes it easier to check the backup status of your files or folders.

5. CrashPlan

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This is the last but not the least server in my list. CrashPlan offers simple pricing – $10 per month per computer with unlimited storage. It’s a bit more expensive, but it’s worth it with its great control and user-friendliness.

You have full control over a lot of things. It does automatic and continuous backups. But you’ll have the option to control custom schedule backups, too. You’re also given control over when and how often certain files are backed up. The restoring of any file from a certain time or date is also under your control.

You get complete control but you need to spend more time on your back up plans with CrashPlan.


I have listed the 5 best cloud backup services for you. Take each server and examine it well to determine the best one for your needs. I hope that this was helpful in your search for the best cloud backup service today.

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