10 Best Discord Bots for Any Server


Every Discord server must always have room for good Discord bots. These are what make your platform more interesting — from mod functions to games, music, prizes, and other whatchamacallits.

But with so many Discord bots available out there, it can be challenging to decide which to add to your server. That being said, here’s a compilation of the best Discord bots you may want to add to your server right now!



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Easily one of the coolest bots around, IdleRPG brings the fun of a text-based roleplay game to your server. Building your narrative tale will be much easier and everything RPG games need can be made possible with this thing. Create your character, get married, join guilds, battle, trade items, go on quests, buy stuff — all these you can benefit from in a single bot.

IdleRPG commands are free to use, but donating to the bot’s Patreon is a pretty good idea, especially when it comes with in-game prizes that you can only unlock with a bit of gift-giving.



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There’s a good reason why Octave is one of the most popular music bots for Discord. This bot allows you to play any song available on Soundcloud or YouTube on your voice channels.

Octave can also display the lyrics of any song along with the ability to add songs to playlists, queue, replay, or pause.

A premium account can be unlocked via a donation on Patreon, which will get your longer track lengths and queues. It doesn’t cost much — either $5 or $10 will do — and you unlock a slew of other features, including filter controls, bass boost, volume, and unlimited custom playlists.



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If your Discord needs a ticketing system, Helper.gg is the answer. This bot is the perfect partner for businesses and customer service teams that use Discord to help clients and plan their projects. These tickets are optimized for Discord, meaning creators can choose to tag certain channels or server roles so that the issue will be delivered to the proper department. Tickets can be organized, responded to, and closed by team members.

While all these come free of charge, a premium plan of $3.50 per month will unlock more features to customize tickets or translate them if needed.

Dank Memer


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If you need a Discord meme bot, this should do it. Dank Memer offers a slew of bot commands that will pull up the right meme at the right time. There are tons of memes to choose from but you can also create your own.

Dank Memer uses a currency system that will get you coins by gambling, stealing from others, and more. With these coins, you can buy special items from the meme shop that you can show off to other users or use to play more games.

Base features are all free, but a Patreon donation ranging from $2 to $45 per month will get you more server roles, extra coins, and of course, more memes.



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Easily one of the best moderation bots for Discord, MEE6 can be used to scan your server automatically in case of violations, be it outside links, spoilers, spam, or foul language. You can customize MEE6 to kick, mute, or ban a user following consistent violations.

Aside from moderation, you can use MEE6 to “level up” users or play music on your servers. Users who level up will be able to get exclusive server roles with the premium version. With premium, you will get an integration for multiple YouTube and Twitch channels, the ability to audio record, get a music quiz plugin, and acquire an ad-free leaderboard banner.

Premium MEE6 starts at $12 per month, though you can save a whole lot if you get the lifetime access for $79.80 for one server.



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While your Discord maybe for hanging out or chatting with randos, it doesn’t hurt to earn points and turn your server into a bit of a game. You can do that with the Arcane bot.

Arcade rewards users for whatever they do in the server, both in voice and text chat channels. People can earn points and ranks, track their rankings on leaderboards, and many more. This is the bot you want to get if you want to encourage folks to visit your server.



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The cute turtle mascot is enough reason to add this bot to your server. But Carl-Bot isn’t just about this adorable creature — one of its best features is to assign users to roles automatically based on emoji reactions. The role limit maxes at 250, but that’s already way more than what similar bots offer for free.

This bot is also loved for its intuitive suggestion system, wherein users can suggest ideas and others can vote on them. You can also create a starboard, send welcome messages, and a whole lot more.



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If your server is more into the entertainment side, Strodl should be a lot of help. You can use this bot to steam HD music, go on text-based adventures, and play cards against humanity, if that’s your kind of thing. Additionally, you can use Strodl to make your own economy, which is amazing.

Sure it’s not the best thing compared to other economy bots, but it sure works perfectly for Discord server owners who don’t want the hassle of handing out virtual loyalty currency to their regular users.



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Some of the best Discord bots feel a bit ancient — you’re often required to use text-based commands and any form of UI element isn’t thought of.

ProBot throws in the fun by introducing a standalone dashboard in which you can set automatic replies to specific words, manage mod queues, see your Discord stats, and create welcome pages. This bot comes with it some great tools that make moderation hassle-free.



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Well, there’s nothing like catching Pokemon into your Discord server. These little monsters will appear randomly in your server and users will have to get them by typing commands — and fast!

But there’s more to Poketwo than just a collection bot. You can actually use it to compete with other people for rewards. Do this by selling and trading with others.

Just imagine, an entire Pokemon marketplace inside your server. Cool, ain’t it?

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