7 Best Pool Design Software


Who doesn’t want to own a pool? It’s an amazing luxury to have. You just don’t get to relax and have in it, you can practice your strokes too. But to have your own pool, first, you need to design it first.

Ready to take your designing skills to the next level? Here are the best pool design software.

1. Idea Spectrum


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A highly-rated landscaping program developed with pros in mind, many homeowners and DIY hobbyists who want to enhance their outdoor landscaping find this software very easy to use, very accessible, and packed with tools and tips to make the most of their pool designs.

Unlike a lot of other solutions out there, you won’t have to pay a monthly or annual license to make the most of Idea Spectrum, either. A one-time charge will get you the application you need to start designing your ideal swimming pool for $100.

2. NCH Software


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Not just a pool design app, the NCH DreamPlan Home Designer gives you the ability to create your dream home with very user-friendly resources – including all the tools and functionality you need to customize your swimming pool.

Best of all, if you have an image of your floor plans (or blueprints available) you can use the “Trace Mode” feature to import your home almost instantly.

From there, it’s almost effortless to plan how you want your pool to fit with your outdoor space in combination with your current home.

On top of that, you don’t need a ridiculously powerful computer to run NCH Software. Any PC that supports Windows XP and above and has at least 64 MB of memory would do well.

3. Pool Templates


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An efficient pool design software solution, you’ll be able to create entirely custom pool ideas for your backyard easily and seamlessly – but more than that, you’ll be able to turn such pool concepts into real-world sales and building plans.

The ability to easily switch from a 3D concept to a one-dimensional permit plan with an extremely detailed (and highly accurate) job estimation ensures that you can build your ideal swimming pool inside this program to suit your budget and your building schedules perfectly.

You’ll be able to remove a lot of the guesswork that goes into making a personalized pool with this approach, all at a very reasonable price point. It’s hard to beat!  Mix in the pre-designed semi-custom pool models that you can tinker with and play with, models to give you a head start with your custom design.

4. Structure Studios


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Structure Studios software might just be the most amazing of all the options out there, particularly thanks to its unique rendering engine that imports all your two-dimensional designs into three-dimensional renders that look like real life.

A lot of this program has been designed from the ground up from a drag-and-drop interface viewpoint. This means that you don’t have to handle all sorts of equations on your own, and you don’t have to think about the math and how it all shakes as you build your pool.

Instead, you can kind of “draw” your ideal swimming pool in a virtual backyard and allow Structure Studios to do all the heavy lifting of 3D creation plans to carry out in the real world.

The Pool Studio part of this app provides thousands of pre-built tools that you can use to build your ideal swimming pool, automatically monitor adjustments, recalculate settings, and make sure that anything is feasible in the real world.

5. PoolDraw


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Developed on the back of Microsoft Visio, one of the most popular graphic design software options on the market today, this third-party add-on primarily focuses on helping you build the ultimate pool in your backyard.

If you’re planning to digitally draw or map out your current pool, flush it out in more than one-dimensional, completely colored style, or choose to take it to the next stage and create 3D renders or imaginative representations of your pool – all of which can be simplified into building plans and accurate estimates – Pool Draw is the answer.

Of course, you’ll have to install Microsoft Visio on your computer to make the most of this feature.

6. Design Your Pool


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If you really want to build a two-dimensional and three-dimensional swimming pool as soon as possible, there might not be a quicker alternative out there than the Design Your Pool set up.

You can start choosing a number of different pool shapes (with almost a dozen different options to choose from, including free-form pool sketches that you make on your own) before going into another set of step-by-step choices that will get you to your dream pool in a rush.

Behind the scenes, this tool continues to create all the necessary details that make your pool a reality, and at the conclusion of your walk-through, you will be met with a rendering of your pool as well as extensive sketches and blueprints that can be used by pool builders to construct it in your backyard.

7. Your Pool Plans


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The coolest thing about Your Pool Plans is that it’s a bit of a hybrid platform between pool design software that gives you complete freedom to create and engineer a pool of your dreams and a library of thousands of pool models (many of which are generated by users) that you can customize or use “right out of the box.”

Your Pool Plans is likely to say that their entire purpose to be in business is to help homeowners save between 25 percent and 45 percent on their ideal swimming pool, cut off the middleman and the construction costs that others will have to pay through the software and models they offer.

Packages are structured to provide you with 3D and 2D pool plans as well as city permit plans, site assessment plans, HOA ready plans, engineering-related checklists, and many more.

Benefits of a Pool Design Software

You might think it’s a waste of time to get a pool design software. You’re not a pool builder yourself, after all, and you would often have left the job to them. It’s all up to you.

If you need some persuasion, here are some of the advantages of using this sort of program and the hands-on involvement it provides for you:

  • You get to configure your pool the way you want it to be. You’d be able to suit your taste and make your own creations that suit your needs.
  • You’d be able to use lots of objects, trees, ladders, and more to complement how you’d like your pool to look like.
  • With the software being able to transform your plans into 3D, you’d be able to better imagine what your pool would look like.
  • You can add animated characters to give you a true sense of being within your design.

Pool Design Software binds you to your design. It links you with your definition of what the perfect pool might look like. It makes your concept alive even though it’s only on the drawing board, and that’s the beauty of a pool design software.

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