20 Best Time Management Tools and Apps


We all know how important proper time management is. If you know how to manage your time, it’s guaranteed you will perform high-quality work without taking too much time. And with time management tools, you can even make things better.

Time management apps and tools include project and task organizers, communication platforms, hour trackers, calendar apps, team management systems, scheduling software, mind mapping tools, calendar apps, and many other essentials.

Focus Keeper


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This app is based on the ideals of the Pomodoro Technique and is targeted at individuals who are procrastinating and becoming overwhelmed by tasks. It has a simple powerful user interface that can be easily personalized to suit your needs.

Focus Keeper is designed to improve your focus and eliminate any anxiety you might have with time constraints. This is a perfect app to use while you’re working to keep yourself and your team from getting burnt out.

Remember the Milk


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If you’re trying to do everything you’ve got to do and you’re dealing with a lot of various gadgets, then this is the app for you. It’s a wonderful free app that’s compatible with your smartphone, phone, Gmail, Outlook, etc, and helps you to sync all your gadgets for better time management. This software will help you handle your activities quickly and will remind you wherever you are. You can swap tasks and lists with others, making it a perfect team tool.

Rescue Time


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If you have any questions as to whether you’re spending your time sensibly, this app will give you weekly reviews showing what’s stealing your time. Apart from its automated time-tracking functionality, this software also provides distraction blocking and powerful monitoring tools.

RescueTime allows you to stop being distracted by so many tasks. This app also contains a team program devoted to time management among team members. With this tool, you might be surprised to find out how much time you’re really wasting.



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Evernote is a free productivity app that helps you to collect all your concepts, thoughts, and pictures in a multitude of forms (e.g. with voice, notes, or images). You can also record your meetings, presentations, speeches, and proposals, create lists, add voice or text attachments, and share your files with your friends. You can also sync Remember The Milk with Evernote to optimize your time.



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There are several other apps that allow you to transfer content from your computer to other devices, but Dropbox is free and simpler to use than others. You can even access and share important files on the go with the Dropbox app. It’s an easy way to exchange files and records with others to increase productivity.



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Successful time management begins with a strong view of how much time you currently expand on your projects and activities and by research – how you can handle them more efficiently. Toggl helps you to do all this with a basic interface.

Toggl provides great time-saving features combined with an intuitive interface. This is a perfect alternative to timesheets if you need to chart how much time you spent on various tasks.



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Check this out if you find it daunting to coordinate all of your activities, work on your lists of tasks, and plan your priorities. This task management app lets you target what you need to work on in order to accomplish your goals.

MyLifeOrganized is one of the best task management applications for concentrated jobs. Automatically produces priority actions to-do lists for your immediate consideration so that you can monitor your progress methodically.



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This app helps you to quickly back up, rebuild, and synchronize your files. It supports folders from a number of locations and has filtering features that allow you to remove subfolders from synchronization.

This software also helps you to sync files from and to your phone. If you’ve never backed up your files before, you should probably take a look at this tool.



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Mind mapping is a high-efficiency tool, and Mindnode is one of the best free mind mapping applications available. It allows you to become more focused by focusing your thoughts – making it clearer what needs to be achieved.

This software helps you to configure different graphic tags and models to meet your needs. You can conveniently exchange the records with others as well.



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This awesome software blends neuroscience and music to increase your productivity. According to the developers, it is possible to increase your concentration by up to 400 percent using Focus@Will, making this one of the best time management applications around.

Focus@will is perfect for those who find it hard to focus while learning, working, or reading. It lets you monitor your ADD, too.



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1Password helps you to keep all your passwords in one encrypted folder – one password safe. This saves you time when you forget about your passwords and need to find them. This also helps you to use different passwords for different accounts so you don’t compromise on security.



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Trello is a really popular app that you may even be acquainted with. It operates by encouraging you to build cards for activities you need to complete. Each card goes through the Trello board, which is usually divided into columns such as To Do, In Progress, and Completed. This serves as the starting point for focusing on and completing the activities associated with it.



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Forest is a unique reinvention of time management applications. This special and enjoyable app lets you keep focused and on track by making you concentrate on something else.

The idea is simple: plant a virtual tree anytime you want to concentrate on it. If you keep focused, the tree is going to rise. If you lose concentration, the tree is going to die. As the app’s name suggests, you can grow several trees to create a virtual forest!



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This small and easy app helps you to start your records, project files, directories, and bookmarks with only a few keystrokes. This makes life so much better that you don’t need to go through the Start menu to find what you want. The only downside is that this is only accessible for macOS.



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Todoist is close to becoming the ultimate automated to-do list and one of the best time-management tools out there. It’s available via the browser and the app and helps you to plan all your projects and events. Each object can be flagged as a priority as well as a due date. There’s also a neat way to add notes to all of your projects.



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This TimeTree software helps families or teams to exchange several schedules and appointments. So if you’re organizing a party or managing a local sports club, Time Tree will keep everyone up-to-date on both current and future events and activities.



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Quire is a creative time-management software that can improve the team’s productivity. The beauty of this applies in its teamwork and ease of sharing functionality. You can streamline and adjust your workflow based on the needs and preferences of your team.



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Clockify is the ultimate time tracking tool – this time tracker and time management app helps you monitor the time you spent on a range of tasks, supplying you with data to optimize your work routine.

Clockify allows you to clock in work hours before you measure your billable hours and payroll. You will now be able to determine whether or not you always spent your time at work on productive tasks.

Google Hangouts


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Google Hangouts is a versatile messaging platform – you and your colleagues will participate in visual, audio, and text chats any time you need them.

You can also take part in group conversations of up to 150 people and group video calls with up to 10 people. You can launch a community video call directly from your Gmail account for faster setup. In addition, you will be able to exchange photos, videos, maps, and several other formats intended to explain your thoughts in a conversation.

The Bottom Line

These productivity applications can help you squeeze more efficient hours out of your day, but they’re not the only tools you’re going to have to help you achieve success.

Make time to study and experiment with tools will make you more productive. By enhancing your devices as well as your outlook and focus, you’re going to be able to do a lot more in a day and feel great about it.

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