8 Best Websites to Buy Professional PC Fonts


Finding the right fonts for your projects can be a challenge. You may come across the typefaces that you want randomly while reading an online magazine or looking at a web poster. But even though you’ve found a font, you may find it hard to find where to download it from, with so many typography websites.

To save you from having to browse through endless web pages, we’ve assembled a list of 10 websites that are filled with high-quality fonts that you can use for professional projects.



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FontShop is where you can buy and download desktop, web, and app fonts. It was started by Erik Spiekermann, Joan Spiekermann, and Neville Brody in 1989 and was the first digital font reseller in the history of digital type.

Looking at FontShop now, as well as a bunch of new fonts and font offers, it provides a whole bunch of brand-new tools for digital font management, such as FontShop Plugin CC for Adobe Creative Cloud, and FontBook iOS App.



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Linotype is home to classic fonts such as Helvetica, Frutiger, and Universe groups. With the number one bestseller typeface as Neusa Next and a whole host of diverse foundries, you’ll be able to choose the perfect one for you. It used to be the largest independent type of foundry until it was acquired, so you’re going to choose the type from some of the finest designers.

However, you’re going to have to be serious with these typefaces as they don’t come cheap, with costs ranging from anything to $50 or $200.

Adobe Fonts


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Formerly known as Adobe Typekit, Adobe Fonts is a seamless service that offers you a full catalog of over 14,000 fonts, with a Basic set of about 6,000 fonts free of charge for those with an Adobe ID.

Adobe modified its font service last year during Adobe Max to drop sync restrictions, which ensures users can activate all the fonts they need at any time. There are also no web font page view and domain limits and no full stop web fonts since the whole library has been revamped to be usable for both online and desktop access.

Adobe Fonts Marketplace


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Where Adobe Fonts is a font library subscription, Adobe Fonts Marketplace has prices fixed by the respective foundries. You can use Fonts Marketplace to sign up for a Creative Cloud account free of charge, meaning the only occasion you need to pay money is when you want to purchase a typeface.

Fonts Marketplace comprises the current industry foundry partners of Adobe, as well as others. All font purchases from the Marketplace grant you the rights you have for Adobe’s subscription library, for both desktop and web publishing for personal and commercial use.



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MyFonts is a combination of paid and free fonts Often within a font family, you have an option between free fonts and paid ones, but MyFonts’ prices are usually far lower than Linotype’s. However, don’t expect any typeface to be completely flawless because of this.

When you’re about to buy a font, you should pick the correct form of license – either desktop (for publishing, logos and products) or web fonts (self-hosted fonts for your website).



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Type design studio and independent digital font foundry TypeTrust has been under Silas Dilworth for four years. Previously, it was a distribution of fonts partnership with type designer Neil Summerour. Silas created custom style designs and digital fonts for brands such as Converse, Saatchi LA, Universal Channel, and more.

As well as providing a wide variety of fonts and web fonts, TypeTrust also provides custom type design, font restoration and branding, and identity consultancy.

Colophon Foundry


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Colophon is a multinational foundry in Los Angeles and London. It distributes typefaces for both analog and digital platforms. Alongside its own creations, the foundry houses original typefaces drawn by professionals from various backgrounds, which ensures that the library provides a variety of options to graphic designers.

It also provides custom font commissions, font families, and logotypes, as well as personalized versions of its current fonts, including language extensions.



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Independent type foundry from Portugal Ndiscover is comprised of two type designers who began working together two years ago. The first two forms are Bruta and Artigo, both in Latin, Cyrillic and Greek. Since then the pair have developed a few more quality typefaces, but the range is minimal at the moment.

Something to Keep in Mind

Before downloading any typeface, it is necessary to note that the typefaces are intellectual property, so the use of a typeface (personal or commercial) is always subject to strict licensing agreements. Since it will be way too difficult to incorporate all the various license conditions of each foundry in this feature, it is up to you to ensure that you understand and behave under the particular terms set out on each webpage. We encourage you to look at this before choosing a typeface for any project.

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