Top 7 Alternatives to YouTube to Monetize Your Videos


YouTube has long been known as the world’s video monetization site. It’s typically the first platform video makers flock to in an attempt to reach the masses. And with news of how absurdly high monthly paychecks from ads could be, who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?

However, making it on YouTube isn’t easy, and it wasn’t years ago either. It took a lot of time, hours, and patience to build a channel and community that you can monetize. And now it’s harder. There are challenges, setbacks, and possible disciplinary action that come with becoming a YouTuber.

If you’ve found it hard to earn money on YouTube, this blog post is great for you. We’ll show you that you need to explore other fantastic YouTube options that you should start using.



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Patreon makes it possible for writers, graphic designers, game creators, artists, animators, photographers, scientific creators, educational creators, craftsmen, dancers and actors, and all other creators to get paid for running a fan membership business.

The revenue structure of this network is really sensible. Fans pay the subscription of their choice in return for an exclusive experience. They send 90% of the overall revenue to the creator, out of which they hold just 5%. There are no documents to be signed and the artist holds 100% control of the jobs. Getting started with Patreon is easy to understand, and you can get on with it quickly.



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Uscreen is an all-in-one video-on-demand monetization network. It allows creators to take information and turn it into high-quality video content that can be shared with the world. It’s also easy-to-use, allowing you to start posting and arranging your videos and tailor the look and feel of your storefront.

And when it comes to monetizing content, you can market it in whatever manner you want, stream live to any device (including OTT apps), monitor subscriber growth and attrition, and own your viewer contact details (something not possible with YouTube).



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Instagram is a Facebook company, making the photo app close to Facebook’s business model. You can cut 55 percent of the advertisements put on your videos.

Unfortunately, there are restrictions on Instagram with the same viewer contact information, but you can pursue further monetization of your videos in a variety of ways.



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It’s hard to think about a world without Facebook. It’s redefined social media, and with video growing increasingly, creators are now able to cash into large crowds. Like YouTube, Facebook allows anyone with an account to broadcast around the world.

The ability to use the Facebook user interface as a video portal needs 45 percent of the money produced by advertising. Facebook also restricts access to user information, so you can diversify your brand to gain more by using some of the monetization techniques above.

Facebook has an immense scope, and with the right promotion plan, you can draw more people into sales and marketing funnels and turn them into paying customers. On the other hand, you’re going to have to make a lot of content to stand out on Facebook and create a following.

People prefer to swipe through feeds easily, and unless you take good care of yourself the videos will be blurred out by everyone else. You contend with everything from short films, TV programs, and documentaries to funny videos, music videos, trendy video games, GIFs, and other famous videos. Facebook also suggests a variety of other playlist-mode videos, mostly from rival creators.



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Twitch is associated with online gaming. It’s free to join and give affiliates and collaborators a range of ways to monetize their content. As an affiliate, you can take donations, sell products, and earn monthly subscriptions.

Twitch also offers a partner scheme allowing those that apply for a discount in advertisement revenue. Unfortunately, Twitch doesn’t share how much you’re supposed to do as part of their program.

Although Twitch has revolutionized the field of online gaming, there are several disadvantages to creating a channel on the site. For instance, Twitch has hundreds of players and account holders, all streaming to increase visibility and sales. Keeping up means wasting lots of hours on their live streaming site, a lifestyle that’s hard to sustain.



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Thinkific is an online platform for the development and management of courses. It enables creators to offer online classes that can be delivered through video tutorials. To date, the platform has helped developers raise $500 million.

Thinkific is one of the many training sites that have evolved to suit the rising online education demand. And it’s pretty easy to use. Yeah, you’re going to need to schedule course material that will take attention to detail, but once yours is alive, it will produce revenue with no effort from you.

Thinkific charges a monthly fee for using their website, you can create unlimited classes, and you get to keep all the money you earn. Ease-of-use aside, one of the main criticisms of Thinkific is that while you can set up a landing page for your course, it doesn’t provide a sales enclosure builder like any other site in the industry. You’re going to need to invest in third-party applications to create your funnel.

Thinkific lacks live streaming, too. Sure, it’s a course website, so it might not be the functionality you’re worried about but live streaming platforms are growing fast. Incorporating this functionality will allow developers to interact directly with students through live events, and collect valuable analytics and information to help enhance course and marketing material.



View Details is a cross-device streaming video player network that helps small and large companies to host, encode, and monetize any video they see fit. The site provides free ad support and offers a proprietary ADIQ solution to restore missing inventory due to ad blockers.

The platform provides a pretty good start to your website. It will give you a fantastic opportunity to make your video content as fast and as simple as possible. After acceptance, Brid monetizes 100% of your ad inventory and splits your income with you on a 60-40 percent basis.

Wrapping Up

Video monetization solutions are not in short supply, but not all platforms are equal. If you’re searching for opportunities to produce revenue sources that provide reliable and substantial revenue, you need to expand your reach beyond YouTube and think about diversifying what you’re offering viewers. Check these methods of monetization to see which one fits you.

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