Create GIFs Directly On Chrome with MakeGIF

make custom gifs online with makegif

MakeGIF is a free online GIF creator where you can make high quality animated images, from simple to complex customization options. You can convert pictures, YouTube videos, Facebook videos, video files, and importantly a GIF itself.

Convert Pictures


In converting pictures, just upload a bunch of images you want to animate. Features include adding the caption, adding stickers, cropping, stretching, rotating, as well as adjusting delay. After doing your preferred customizations, you click continue publishing.

Publishing is just straight-forward. Give your GIF an awesome title and provide categories and tags for SEO purposes. Click Create You GIF and wait for a bit. After that, you can add it in an existing album, get the link, as well as download it as a raw file.

Youtube, Facebook, Video, and Webcam to GIF


Youtube and Facebook videos conversion to GIF is just the same. Just provide the URL of the source video. In Video to GIF, you’ll need to upload a raw video file. Webcam to GIF is where you use your webcam and convert it directly to gif.

Youtube, Facebook, Video, and Webcam to GIF customization includes adding the caption, add a sticker, can enable audio also, ping-pong effect, select quality, adjust time like selecting start time and end time, gif speed, and lastly the duration or length of the gif.


Upload a GIF

The last option is to upload and existing GIF and do some customizations to it. Just simple upload or drag and drop the file then tap continue to editing. Like the convert pictures feature, we can only add caption and stickers to the GIF.

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