8 Free Online Services To Transfer Large Files To Clients


It’s safe to say that successfully sending large files by email would be the biggest achievement of the digital age. It’s quite thought-provoking, why the brightest minds of our generation have not been able to figure out how to easily ping files using our everyday email services. Perhaps some years from now, we’ll be able to.

And when we finally do, we’d expect it to be pricey, right? But who needs the extra expense when right now there are free tools that can send large files to clients. Below are our top choices that promise no bounced emails and hours of frustration with FTP connections.

Securely Send


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Securely Send enables anyone to send huge files securely. Sending files is as simple as entering the email address you want to transfer files to, adding the files you want to send, and pressing “Send It.” Securely Send takes the hard work of sending big files. You can be assured that the files have already been sent.

A free account lets you send three every month and the maximum file size you can send is 200MB. There are Basic, Standard, and Premium paid plans that allow you to send more each month and increase the maximum file size allowed.



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Jumpshare allows you to transfer files up to 250 MB with their free account, but once you switch to their paying plan, you can send files of any size. You just upload a file, and they’ll give you a way to share the file.

Unlike all other rivals, they have a very good Windows and Mac application that lets you exchange files, folders, and documents quickly.

Hightail (Formerly YouSendIt)


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With millions of registered users, Hightail has achieved a great level of popularity for both customers and companies. Online services range from basic file sharing to full collaborative services that allow users to safely upload, sign, and view information from either mobile device or PC.

The free Lite plan has a storage space of 2 GB, five E-Signatures, and a maximum file size of 50 MB. If you require more disk space, a greater maximum file size, or more functionality, additional paying plans are available.



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TitanFile helps you to drag and drop files from multiple sources and exchange them securely with your coworkers or clients on the go, using any computer at any time and wherever.

Organize the documents around people and common context instead of around files and directories, making it simpler and more intuitive to search the files.

TitanFile transfers your files via a network link and stores them encrypted in a secure location.

Their free plan is suitable for basic use and supports up to 100MB sharing of files. You’ll also have seven days of an audit trail and five contact networks.  Paid  Professional and Enterprise plans are also available if you like more functionality.



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TransferBigFiles makes it very easy to send and exchange files that are usually too big for email. It achieves this by encouraging you to upload the file to their servers and sends a link to a page where the file can be accessed by your recipient (or by yourself if you are the recipient).

You can access the web free of charge without registration. The free account allows you to send files that are as large as 100MB, whereas most email systems are up to 10MB to 25MB. Files are held in a free account for five days.

Premium, paid accounts are available if you choose to take advantage of the additional functionality, such as personal dropbox, upload history, greater size limit, higher download limit, storage space, and more.



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WeTransfer is a free platform for the transmission of large digital files up to 2GB per transfer. They can transfer any type of file, such as presentations, images, videos, music, documents, and more. There is no login and the files are available for two weeks.

Advertisements shown as wallpapers on the WeTransfer platform are sponsored. They also offer WeTransfer Channels that allow you to get your own wallpapers, no ads, your own WeTransfer URL, personal email background, and files accessible for a month rather than two weeks.



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MailBigFile helps you to send large files when you can’t send them via regular email. It’s web-based, so there’s no app you can download, and it’s easy to use. The free service helps you to access files with a default file size of 300MB. The files will be available for 10 days. You will have one recipient per file and up to 20 times each file can be accessed. There’s no permanent storage for a free service.

If you require higher caps and more functionality, there are additional premium plans.



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Dropbox is probably the most popular file-sharing service in the world. You’ll almost certainly find that your client has already installed it and is familiar with using it, which is always a plus.

You need to create an account to use Dropbox, but it’s easy to do so. As well as a web-based program, you can install a desktop application that helps you to sync and view your files from within a regular folder.

Dropbox also benefits from having no expiration dates on upload files: you can hold files as long as you need to. There is a 2GB limit on the free plan, with other plans available to individuals, teams, and companies.

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