6 Free Tools To Repair And Recover Corrupt Microsoft Office Word Documents


When you move a document from one device to another, your document may become corrupted. Furthermore, not safely removing a USB drive or an External Device when editing a Word document can cause problems. Of course, there are several other possibilities, such as incorrect repagination, unreadable characters, or file inaccessibility.

In this article, we are going to show you how to repair a corrupted Word file.

1. Stellar Phoenix Word Repair


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Stellar Phoenix Word Repair is an easy-to-use word recovery tool that is also one of the most powerful in its category. It can restore corrupt Microsoft Word files. You can recover all of the original texts, fonts, hyperlinks, images, and headers, and footers with this app. The tool provides three repair modes: Simple Repair, Raw Recovery, and Advance Repair.

The repair mode is an excellent function that assists you in repairing online photos and videos that have been embedded in an MS Word document. Stellar Phoenix Word Repair includes a demo version that allows you to preview the Word documents that can be recovered. However, if you want to recover files, you must purchase the product.

Price: Free trial version; $49 to purchase

2. S2 Recovery Tools for Microsoft Word


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S2 Recovery Tool includes buttons that allow you to easily call for Microsoft’s suggested methods of word file recovery, as well as assistance with 5 additional individual methods. These 5 new methods will help you restore and open damaged MS Word files from both the old doc version and the new .docx version.

Not only that, but by installing the S2 Recovery Tool, you also gain access to two sets of well-known free tools for recovering Word files. Furthermore, you can receive an affiliate commercial solution as well as the original version of the recovery tool (previous version), which is compatible with any Windows platform.

The tools go above and beyond by including a search interface that allows you to look for temporary, missing, or deleted copies of damaged files. The creators of S2 Recovery Tools plan to provide Microsoft instructions for recovering damaged MS Word files that will also open.

Price: Free

3. Kernel for Word


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If you failed to back up your Word files on your computer or any external storage and have now lost or destroyed valuable documents, Kernel for Word may be your salvation. It effectively repairs all of the content in damaged files, including text, images, hyperlinks, formatting, and so on.

The repair is done in such a way that the original file’s layout is preserved. Aside from supporting a variety of word document formats such as .doc,.docx, .dotm, .dotx, .dot, and .docm, it is also compatible with large-sized Word files or those with long file names.

Kernel for Word has an outstanding user interface, and if you use it during the trial period, the restored Word files will have a DEMO stamp at the end of each paragraph. The best thing is that the trial version is available with no time limit or installation restrictions.

Price: Trial period; buy for $49

4. DocRepair


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DocRepair is the first technical recovery tool that aids in the recovery and repair of damaged Word 2007 files in.doc and.docx formats. It can repair and recover Word documents that have been damaged, unopened, or corrupted. This pioneering method assists in resolving issues such as “The document name or file path is not valid.”

What’s remarkable about this tool is that it recovers and finally helps open all those MS Word files that couldn’t be opened previously. It also resolves problems such as Word documents hanging when opened. DocRepair can also recover corrupted Word files from a bad sector, a corrupted disk, or a media crash.

Price: Free download in Trial version (limited features); starts from $79

5. Remo Repair Word


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Remo Repair Word is a popular and widely used Word recovery tool that not only recovers text, font size, margins, size, color, and hyperlinks from damaged or corrupted MS Office Word documents, but also helps recover text, font size, margins, size, color, and hyperlinks. You can evaluate its performance by downloading the demo file, which is very similar to the full version. The demo version also allows you to preview the repaired file.

This tool, in addition to repairing damaged MS Word files after running a scan on them, saves the text or any other Word attributes in a perfect Word document. It is compatible with both file formats such as.doc and.docx, so it can repair files with these extensions as well as MS Word files with these extensions.

Remo Repair Word can repair corrupted MS Word files with errors such as unexpected system shutdown while working on a document, Word application failure, or unable to save .docx file with various error messages. It has an easy-to-use interface that walks you through the steps.

Price: Free Trial Period; starts from $39.97

6. DataNumen Word Repair 2.5


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DataNumen Word Repair, which claims to be the world’s best MS Office Word recovery and repair tool, also guarantees that no other tool can compete with it for recovering data; otherwise, the client receives a complete refund. It is a versatile tool that uses sophisticated techniques to recover your word files, minimizing file damage as much as possible.

This incredible program even supports .doc and.docx file formats. You can use this method to restore all of the content in its original format, including text, photographs, and formatting. It also recovers hyperlinks, bulleted or numbered points, and tables during the process.

What’s great about this DataNumen is that it also recovers records that you couldn’t save until the temporary files crashed. A batch recovery may be performed on a group of files at the same time. Furthermore, this recovery software can restore Word documents from damaged media storage devices such as CD-ROMs, Zip disks, and so on.

Price: Trial Version available; buy for $89.95

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