How to Create a Location on Instagram


Adding a custom location on Instagram was not a challenge until Instagram chose to eliminate this feature because users could abuse it.

However, by using little tricks, you can still execute the feature —- only with a few more steps and a little patience. After reading the article and following the steps outlined below, you will be able to include a location in your Instagram bio and Instagram story.

How to Create a Custom Location on Instagram

Step 1: With the help of Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, you can add a location to your Instagram. So, first and foremost, please download the Facebook app.

Step 2: Go to Facebook, sign up, and log in. Tap “what’s on your mind” on the homepage to start a new post. Then tap “Check-in.”


Step 3: Give the Facebook app permission to access your location. Tap the search box and enter the custom location you want to appear on Instagram. After you’ve finished typing the location’s name, slide the page to the button and tap “Add [custom location].”


Step 4: On the following page, select a category for your location. Then, on the map, find your location or pick “I’m here right now.” Finally, tap the upper right corner of the screen to link your custom location to Facebook.


Leave any comment at your custom location on Facebook after step 4 to make it active.

How to Add a Location Sticker on Instagram Story

Launch the Instagram app. To begin, tap “Your Story.” Tap here to add a location sticker to any picture in the album. On the next tab, select the location sticker and enter your newly built custom location. You will discover that it is already on the list.


How to Add Location on Instagram Bio

The preceding steps demonstrate how to add a new location to your Instagram story. However, because your account profile, including your bio, is the first thing that strangers see, it is unquestionably important to catch their attention right away by decorating your Instagram profile. So, in this section, you’ll learn how to add a new location to your Instagram bio in order to attract more real-time Instagram followers.

Step 1: Open Instagram app, go to the “setting” page.

Step 2: Setting → Account → Switch to Professional Account, select a category. When asked if you are a creator, choose “Business.” Don’t go for “Creator.” Tap “Next,” and you’ll have a new Instagram business account to add a new location to your Instagram bio.

Step 3: Return to your personal account page by clicking the lower right icon that looks like a human at the bottom of the screen. To fill out your location, go to “Edit Profile,” Contact Options, and Business Address. You now know how to add a place to your Instagram bio. A personalized location could also be created.


What to do If Location Doesn’t Show Up On Instagram

Some people have had difficulty creating Instagram locations. And if you’ve checked in on Facebook, they can appear and then vanish, or they may never appear at all. If your custom location isn’t working, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Create a place close to you. If you created the physical location in a completely different country or region, Facebook and Instagram might not accept it as legitimate. Create locations within a few minutes of your actual location to increase the likelihood of it working.
  • Select a real, accurate category. The “Just for fun” choice seems harmless enough, but these locations are often refused. If applicable, select a real category for your location.
  • Please try checking in again. It can take a few check-ins for Facebook to remember the location and transfer it to Instagram.
  • Make a Facebook post that includes your location. Some users have stated that checking in with a status update of some kind resulted in their location being shown on Instagram.
  • Give it some time. It can take a while for Instagram’s locations to update. If an hour has passed and you still can’t locate the place you checked into on Facebook, try any of the other suggestions below.

Link Your Facebook Business Page Locations to Instagram

If you have a Facebook business page, you can create a location for your company that will link to Instagram as well. If you have several places, you can add each of them to Facebook, giving you more choices on Instagram. The check-in process is exactly the same, but you must have access to manage the business page.

  • Log in to your company’s Facebook account, or an account with administrative access to your business’s Facebook page.
  • Navigate to “Business Manager.”
  • To enter the dropdown menu, click the three vertical lines in the top left corner.
  • Tap “Business Locations” under the “Assets” tab.
  • If you don’t already have a location, click “Get Started,” and Facebook will walk you through the process of creating one. This procedure is somewhat close to the method of establishing a location in general.

When you create several business locations, Facebook creates a “main page” that manages all locations and your brand, as well as “child” pages that link from the main page. Check in at these places if you want to use them on Instagram.

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