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In today’s modern technological environment, everybody has a range of electronics, such as personal computers, notebooks, tablets, iPads, and smartphones. Since nobody wants their personal information to be compromised, this means that people need passwords to protect everything they have. This doesn’t just mean protecting the computer itself from being hacked. It also involves stopping hackers from receiving information from websites.

Using strong passwords can help protect against traditional password attacks such as dictionary, rainbow tables, or brute-force attacks. You need strong passwords and these popular password generating apps will help keep you safe from being hacked online.



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LastPass provides a strong, secure password generator that is 100% free and supported by a variety of additional features. It’s available online through the LastPass website and the LastPass app. With it, you can decide precisely what kind of password you want to make.

To start with, you will be asked to determine the length of your password, which can be anywhere from one to 50 characters long. You can choose between easy-to-use passwords (without numbers or special characters), easy-to-read passwords (without confounding characters like 1 & l), and standard characters (all characters). You may also define the combination of uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, and/or symbols that you choose to use. Once a password is created, a neat color-coded bar indicates its strength.

In addition to its password creator, LastPass also provides one of the best password managers on the market. You can upload new passwords directly to the boss, which comes with a variety of advanced features.



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With the NordPass Password Generator, you can easily generate new passwords both online and in the NordPass Password Manager app. It supports the development of passwords up to 60 characters long.

You can also select between uppercase and lowercase letters, digits, symbols, or a combination of the four. On top of this, NordPass includes a checkbox that allows you to avoid ambiguous characters like 1 and I that could be confused.

The in-app generator is just as effective and has the additional advantage of being able to automatically save your password. In addition, the basic version of the NordPass Password Manager is secure.



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Dashlane is another effective password protection software that provides a secure online and in-app password generator. It includes the standard password development tools that allow you to define the length and character types of your new login.

You can create passwords from four to 40 characters in length using the Dashlane generator. Specify whether you want to use numbers, letters, icons, or a combination of the three, and gauge the strength of your password by the background color of the interface—red for mild, orange for medium, and green for strong.

Those that need to handle and store multiple login information will also benefit from the Dashlane Password Manager.



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KeePass is a free open-source password management software with a built-in password generator. It’s a little complicated to set up, but it’s incredibly efficient and supports a range of predefined password compositions.

You will construct basic random passwords based on standard length and composition parameters. But KeePass also allows the creation of passwords in compliance with specific laws. For example, if your password needs to contain upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and a special character, you can decide this by clicking a button.



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Bitwarden is a lean, open-source encryption software password manager that can create, store and instantly fill your passwords through your computers and popular browsers—including Brave and Tor—free of charge. Some of the bells and whistles of our picks are absent, but if what you’re searching for is a service to handle your login credentials, it’s hard to pass up Bitwarden.

Plus, it has a password sharing feature so that you can share all your login info with someone else. You can install 1GB of encrypted file storage for $10 a year. Five family members or friends will share login details for $12 a year.



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Keeper is another secure password manager that lets you handle your login details on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS computers. A free version allows you infinite passwords on a single account. The step-up version costs $35 a year and lets you synchronize passwords through various computers. You can get 10GB of protected file storage for around $45 a year.



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KeePass, another open-source password manager, started on Windows and was ported to other platforms using the same code base, including macOS, Android, and iOS. On the plus side, it is completely free and supported by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. On the other hand, it’s just for intermediate users: it takes a bit of fiddling to get all the separately developed versions of KeePass to work together.



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aWallet is one of the password manager apps that has been available for a very long time. It holds passwords, banking info, credit card info, and personal details if you need it. There is also an automated search, custom icons, and an auto-lock feature. There’s also a built-in password generator, so you don’t have to worry about one, but that’s a premium option.

It addresses all the basics, involves AES and Blowfish encryption, and appears to do the right thing. You can download the software free of charge and pay for the pro version as a single in-app payment. We like it when things don’t require a subscription.



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Enpass is a pretty efficient password manager. It includes basics, and even desktop versions are available for Mac, PC, and Linux. It also has no membership fees, which is a nice touch. In addition, the software can backup and restore your data, it provides 256-bit AES encryption, cross-platform syncing, and you can also import it from other password managers to make migration simpler.

You can even auto-fill the passwords to Google Chrome if you’re using the browser. It’s free to download and use a simple $9.99 charge to access it. You can also download this app for free with Google Play Pass.

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