20 Zapier Hacks for Online Marketers


Managing all your various applications and accounts is tedious, which is what makes Zapier a valuable tool. Zapier helps you to connect multiple web applications so that you can simplify activities and spend your time focusing on essential tasks. Instead of having to collaborate with a software developer to create automated processes, you can do this yourself thanks to the easy design and features of Zapier. With more than 1,500 supported applications, including Gmail, Trello, and Google Sheets, you can combine Zapier with just about every software to simplify your workflow.

Zapier uses “Zaps” to automate the process. You can find all of these on the Zapier website, each of which helps you to automate a particular procedure.

Here are 20 time-saving Zapier workflows to create if you want to save time and money:

1. Typeform to Mailchimp


With Typeform and Zapier, you can send your contact to Mailchimp and register a new contact to one of your mailing lists. This is a perfect way to stay in contact with people who submit your survey and you can quickly send them emails about your blog or product in the future and inspire them to go back to your website and blog to connect with your fresh stuff.

2. WordPress to Buffer

Uploading your articles on social media is a perfect way to achieve the initial traction to improve the likelihood of your latest story becoming viral. Through this Zapier integration, any time you publish a new WordPress article on your blog, the article to be promoted from Buffer is scheduled.

Buffer is incredibly convenient when it comes to scheduled posts, as well as sending those posts to different social networks.

3. Embedery to Google Sheets


With Embedery you can very easily create any type of popup or any type of form depending on your use case. Once your form/popup has been submitted you could send that data to Mailchimp as a new email contact.

You may also send your latest popup/form submission to a Google sheet. With this, you can describe any number of fields you like in your form and conveniently map them to a column.

4. Enrich Typeform Data with Lead Score by Zapier and Log it in Google Sheets

Through this Zap, you can quickly obtain new email addresses from a Typeform survey, maybe this survey could be to gain input from your blog or product on a social networking platform like Twitter.

If the email has been collected, the service, Lead Score, a product from Zapier, will work to gather and enrich more knowledge about the new contact, such as collecting additional information such as their name, the organization they work with, what field they are in, and where they are located.

Finally, once enriched, the details will be attached as a new row on one of your Google sheets.

5. Survey Monkey to Trello


Through this Zap, you can quickly collect new contacts from your form or survey, and then the address can be sent to your Trello board. You may also have a contact assigned to a column, based on the choice they choose from the survey.

6. Ghost to Twitter

If your blog is operated by Ghost.org, you can post on Twitter quite quickly. It’s one of the simplest and most powerful Zaps to introduce.

7. Ghost to your Facebook Page

And in addition to sending your newly released article to Twitter, you should add the Zap chain to your Facebook page. This is an effortless and efficient way to keep the viewers up to date without having to do any hard work.

8. WordPress to Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a strong social interaction tool that is ideal for pushing content to your fans and new people on social media. Through this incorporation, you can quickly upload your latest WordPress articles to Hootsuite, and Hootsuite plan messages to spread your article online.

9. Record New Twitter Followers to Google Spreadsheet

With Zapier, any time a new follow-up follows you on Twitter, you can quickly add your username to your spreadsheet.

10. Facebook Page Comment to Trello

Every time someone adds a new post to your Facebook page, you can grab the post and send it and add it to your Trello board.

11. Save Liked Tweets to a Google Spreadsheet


To help generate content, any time you like a tweet, this integration will save the tweet and add it to one of your Google spreadsheets. This is perfect if you’re looking at a certain subject and want to do some study of the topic for the content you’re trying to make.

12. Post Tweets from New Rows on Google Sheets

Another choice for distributing content online on Twitter, without the added expense of a scheduler, is to post a new tweet any time you add a new row to your Google sheet. It’s that easy, if you add a new segment, your tweet will be created and sent, you can also add extra tweeting details using the individual columns on the Google sheet.

13. Share Google Calendar Events on Facebook Page

Events are a perfect way to boost your follow-up and get a lot of exposure around the business, but marketing this event can be very manual, luckily with Zapier you can quickly upload the event to your followers on your Facebook page. Once the event is released, it will appear on your profile.

14. Build Trello Cards for New WordPress Articles

Easy integration to help analyze posts, any time you post a WordPress draft, Trello can take the post and add it to the column.

To progress this incorporation, you might add a Zap to update the post any time a post is moved to another column. For example, you could have a column for drafts containing draft posts and a column for published posts, after the draft post has been transferred to the published post, you could automatically post the document.

15. Post New Cards to Slack

Another helpful integration to keep you informed, if a new Trello card is added, you can share a message to the Slack channel to remind all subscribers. This will fit well with some of the other integrations already listed.

16. Save Twitter Mentions to a Google Sheets Spreadsheet

Another valuable integration is that anytime anyone mentions you on Twitter, this integration will grab a tweet where you or your brand were listed. This will also save the URL of tweets, body text, date, and time that they were written, the author’s name, their Twitter username, how many followers they have plus loads more.

17. Post New Twitter Response to Slack

One way to keep your staff up to date with your online presence and to better reach your audience is to incorporate Twitter into your internal networking platform like Slack. Whenever you are listed or someone poses a question about your brand, you will be told really easily and jump back to the question.

18. Create Trello Cards from New Rows on Google Sheets

To better pull content together within the team, you could add a Zapier integration to build a new card any time a new row is added to one of the multiple spreadsheets. They could all be collected in one Trello board. This may be a helpful way to track the information and make a more educated judgment on the content.

19. Create Trello Cards from New Slack Messages

Simpler to the integration of Slack and Trello described above, but it would be the opposite. In this integration, a new Trello card will be generated any time a new message is added to the Slack channel. This could be a convenient way to compile thoughts in a brainstorming session or simply store a conversation.

20. Create Trello Cards from New Gmail Emails

Another useful integration will be to gather new content ideas from your mailbox because anytime you get a certain form of email, you can instantly add the contents of your email to your new Trello card.

Getting Started with Zapier

There are plenty of other applications to the everyday life of a content marketer. Explore ways to dig up leads, control workflows, track a spreadsheet, or glean new content ideas—all with the aid of Zaps.

You don’t need to do some coding or dive into the specifics of the Zapier features. In fact, most of the applications you’re going to need already exist. It’s just a matter of locating them in the Zapier list of popular apps, and then going through the configuration process with just a few clicks.

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