7 Best Pedometer Apps for Android and iPhone


Pedometer or step counter apps are fitness trackers that you can download from your phone to record activity levels, calories burned, and other health-related measurements. They are similar in many ways to a fitness watch, but they cost a lot less. Many apps are free to download, but some require payment to access premium content.

While pedometer apps are easy to use, they lack the ability to monitor the heart rate, and some of them are not as reliable as a wearable activity tracker. But you don’t have anything to lose from trying to get one out of them. Here are the top picks for the best pedometer app.

Google Fit (Android, iOS)


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Google Fit is one of the best step counter apps with over 50 million downloads. The app lets you see your workouts by showing stats like speed, heart rate, route, rhythm, and more for walking, running, and bike rides.

You can track your fitness objectives and see your improvement in your steps and your heart points. Plus, you can change your goals when you challenge yourself to improve your fitness.

Google Fit also works with your preferred workout equipment and is compliant with other fitness applications, including Headspace, Strava, Runkeeper, and MyFitnessPal. This way, you can log all of your physical activities in one place, and manually add any other activity that other apps don’t monitor.

StepsApp Pedometer (Android, iOS)


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StepsApp Pedometer features a modern, dark theme interface with the main tab that shows your active calories burned, steps, time, and distance.

When you set your step targets, you can chart your progress all day using a big circle graphic on the main screen of the app. You can also go back months or years in the past and check out your long-term history and find any interesting patterns.

Although the StepsApp Pedometer has few features, its format is visually enticing with adjustable colors and animations. Plus, the app can log wheelchair pushes and post your success on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Accupedo (Android, iOS)


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Accupedo is a simple pedometer app that offers basics plus GPS monitoring. You can read and view your everyday numbers, which include steps, mileage, and patterns over days and years on the chart page.

The GPS map integration feature of this app helps you to display a map of your route, but it can also easily reduce your phone’s battery life. You may also pick the style of exercise, such as running, walking, or cycling. Its adjustable sensitivity setting enables you to adjust motion sensing as well.

Accupedo lets you post your success with your friends on your social media accounts, and provides a nice variety of color themes. However, the app does not allow for any other community activity and shows nuisance ads.

Pacer (Android, iOS)


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Pacer is a top step counter app that operates entirely from your phone without any additional configuration or hardware needed. The app monitors your steps whether your phone is in your pocket, hand, or jacket, and documents flights, steps, distance, calories, and active time.

You can connect the app to Apple Health and monitor your activity with Apple Watch. Plus, GPS mapping helps you to chart your routes on a map while you stroll, hike, cycle, or ride.

The app also tracks the BMI and weight over time, tracks blood pressure, and other measurements in a simple interface. The free app functions as a pedometer, so you can switch to the Paid Plan and get more insight, like how you measure up against other Pacer users.

Samsung Health (Android, iOS)


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Samsung Health (formerly S Health) is a health hub. The app displays all the information you want in one place and puts you in charge of your health.

Any time you exercise, cycle, run, or walk, Samsung Health monitors your activity and offers a dashboard with your stats so that you can see your progress. The app also measures other health-related indicators, such as heart rate, oxygen level, everyday steps, and stress levels.

You can tailor Samsung Health to your liking and monitor other things, including sleep, water consumption, weight, and caffeine. The app is free, doesn’t show annoying nuisance ads, and it has a fantastic fitness community.

MapMyWalk (Android, iOS)


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MapMyWalk pedometer app monitors and charts every mile you go and then gives you input and statistics to help you better your performance.

The app uses GPS to track your walks and show you the path you’ve taken on a map. It also gives you audio input on every tracked stroll, and you can use the Routes feature to find nearby walking spots, save your favorite walking trails, and share with others.

There are more than 600 sports activities that you can select from with the MapMyWalk app and gain in-depth insight into each exercise. Some of the statistics you’ll see include distance, calorie burn, speed, time, and elevation.

The app will connect to other users like MyFitnessPal, and wearables like Fitbit, Garmin, and Jawbone.

Pedometer & Step Tracker (Android, iOS)


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The Leap Pedometer & Step Counter uses an advanced sensor to count the moves. Unlike other pedometer applications on this list, this particular app lacks GPS monitoring, so it hardly absorbs the battery capacity of your devices.

The app also tracks your walking distance, tracks that burn calories, and time. All the data you need is shown in creative report graphs so that you can monitor your monthly, weekly, and last 24-hour stats in graphs specifically built for mobile devices.

Plus, you can use a colorful theme to enjoy your step counting experience, and if you’re an iPhone user, you can sync your data to Apple Health.

The Pedometer & Step Counter app does not need you to sign in to use it, and does not have any locked settings or hidden charges. Just tap Start, and the app will count your steps whether your phone is in your purse, bag, or in your hand.

What Features Should You Look for in a Pedometer App?

Google Play and the App Store are packed with fitness monitoring and pedometer applications. This means that there’s an app for any use. The trick to selecting one that fits for you is to know which functionality to search for in a pedometer app. That said, as most apps are free to download and use, even in simple mode, you really don’t have much to lose from testing them out. This is also the easiest way to determine if a pedometer app would work for you.


If you want to do your homework before you try one out, here are some features to take into account:

  • Accuracy in the counting of steps.
  • GPS monitoring capabilities for mapping roads.
  • When in use, it does not drain the battery.
  • Calorie counter and database.
  • Calculates distance, speed, and pace.
  • Access to social media and community sites.
  • The display is physically enjoyable and easy to read.
  • East access to a daily step count.
  • Capacity to follow other activities, such as cycle riding, fitness courses, and more.
  • Summary graphics and motivation maps.
  • Ability to connect with other applications and gadgets such as Apple Watch or Fitbit.

Very few pedometer applications come with all of these features, so take some time to sort this list or feel free to add to it. When you narrow down your top five or six “must-have” attributes, you’re ready to go shopping for the best pedometer app.

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