How to Convert Microsoft Word to PowerPoint?


If you are creating a business presentation from a Word document, you can export it to PowerPoint so that it can be more appropriately displayed at a company meeting using a projector. When you open a Word document in PowerPoint, the headings decide how the slides are viewed. To export Word documents to PowerPoint, no additional software is needed.

How to Convert Microsoft Word to a Powerpoint Presentation

To create a PowerPoint Presentation from a Word document, please do with the following steps:


  1. Open your Word document and format the texts that will be imported to PowerPoint as titles to Heading 1 style, followed by the other material, which will be the slide content, to Heading 2 style.
  2. Save and close the Word document until you’ve finished formatting the text.
  3. Open a new PowerPoint file, then navigate to Home > New Slide > Slides from Outline.
  4. In the Insert Outline window that appears, select the Word file that you want to import into PowerPoint.
  5. Then, press the Insert button, and all of the content from the Word document is imported into the PowerPoint presentation.

The text may need to be reformatted or reworked, but it is still much faster than starting from scratch.

Wrapping Up

Keep these solutions in mind if you need to work with both Word and PowerPoint documents at the same time.

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